Your Greatest Mentor Is You!

The personal development and self improvement world abound with motivational speakers. The main aim of these teachers is to elicit from you motivational drive and give you a clear vision for your own future.

The greatest of these motivational speakers are those that give you the tools to stay motivated when the hype of their seminar, book or recordings has faded and the instant rush of positive thinking has vanished and been replaced with “real world” troubles!

In order to keep yourself on track and working towards your goals, especially when you are faced with internal doubts and external obstacles, these teachers tell you to find a mentor to keep you motivated and inspired.

This has its merits and will definitely keep you on track should you decide to go down that route on your way to your own goal-fulfilment. However, you should always remember that the greatest mentor you could ever have is yourself!

There is no better mentor you could have than yourself. No matter how good someone is at motivating you they can never do as good a job as you nor keep you moving forward regardless of the obstacles if you have self-doubt.

Mentoring yourself is the fastest way to goal-achievement! You need to be able to evoke motivational energy from within yourself if you wish to succeed. Of course you can seek and accept help and advice from others but at the end of the day it is you who must take the actions steps and remain positive.

Therefore, who better to ensure you do those things than yourself?

Your ‘will’ is infinite. If it is true (and it is) that each one of us is the temple of the living God, then each one of us has access to the powers of that God. God is infinite and unlimited – therefore at the core of your being you must also be infinite and unlimited!

When you learn to tap into your infinite nature there is nothing you cannot achieve. Life is just a decision. We decide on just about everything in our lives. Make the decision now to never quit until you reach your goals!

Study as much as you can on your chosen profession. Use motivational tools to keep you firmly focused on your chosen outcomes. Mould yourself into the person you admire the most and the person you wish to be. Start to mentor yourself!

The first thing to do is to address your subconscious thinking. Eradicate the negative patterns of thought and behaviour that you have buried deep within your subconscious mind.

If you were to do only this then your life would begin to move in directions that would both amaze and delight you!

By removing these subconscious obstacles to success you unleash that God part of you and allow the infinite riches of the creator to flow to you naturally!

Would you like to unleash your own unlimited power to become your own mentor and attract to yourself amazing and wonderful things like abundance, wealth, positive relationships and joy? Then read about the Release Technique and discover just how easily you can do it!

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