You Really Can Fly!

Ok, so I am not talking about physical flying! You can’t expect to go to the rooftop, jump off and take to flight like a bird. This is impossible! Or is it?

Of course it isn’t possible to defy the law of gravity in the waking the state. Trying to jump off the empire state building without a parachute is simply an act of suicide. However, there is a time when you can do it – in your dreams!

We spent a large portion of our lives asleep – by the time a person is 40 years of age they have spent over 13 years asleep! That’s an awful lot of wasted time. During an average 8 hour sleep you dream several times. That gives you several opportunities to become “lucid”. Lucid dreaming is the act of waking up in the dream state and taking control of everything that happens – all while you experience it as though it is real!

The ability to live out your fantasies in the dream state is an exhilarating experience that is hard to match in the real world. Anything is possible in a lucid dream. You are only limited by your imagination. When you dream you can immediately think things into existence. You can change the laws of the universe and physical reality to suit yourself. You can fly a plane, a spaceship or just take to the sky like superman.

If you have ever watched the film “the Matrix” then you will have some clue as to how lucid dreaming works. You merely believe that you can do something and you can! However, unlike The Matrix you also have full control over your dream environment and every character in it.

This means you can meet anyone you want. In fact, you can even be anyone you want!

Would you like to meet and seduce a famous movie star? Be psychoanalysed by Freud? Visit alien planets or travel back in time? Perhaps you just want to know what it would feel like if you were a billionaire or a pauper. You may want to be the King of your dream story or the hero who saves the day. You can win Wimbledon or score the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl!

The possibilities are endless!

Of course lucid dreaming also offers many other benefits. It is not just a tool for living out your fantasies (although this is by far the most enjoyable application of this skill). During a lucid dream you have full access to your subconscious mind.

Now, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and the real world. If you visualize yourself performing a physical action, like running for example, your brain fires off the exact neurons, and your muscles contact and expand, as they would if you were performing the action in reality! For this reason, Olympic athletes and sports professionals often visualize themselves winning a race before they ever step foot on the track!

Well, some research suggests that if you “lucid dream” a scenario often enough the subconscious mind becomes so convinced that it is real that it will do everything in its power to make sure your physical reality reflects it!

Obviously this would only apply to situations that are within the realms of possibility within the constraints of the physical laws of the universe – you aren’t going to fly for real no matter how many times you dream it! However, you can become successful in business, increase your confidence, learn a new skill and program into the subconscious mind the blueprint for your goals.

Would you like to live out your fantasies in the safety of your own mind and experience them in a way that is as real as life feels right now? Then you can learn to do it in as little as 7 days with the Lucid Dreaming Kit!

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