You Hold All The Keys To Your Future!

I can give you all the principles and all the formulas to succeed in life, and show you how to change for the better. Yet only you hold the keys to your future, only you can change your circumstances and only you can make a positive difference in this world if you decide to do so. How you may ask? That is simple, if you don’t act on the philosophies and principles in this article or in any article, for that matter, any motivational tapes or anything of like kind, there is no way you can change without action.

That is when you need to reach deep inside yourself and find that little something that sparked you in the first place and gave you hope for the first time and that is the key to your happy and healthy future. You must move forward at a cost that we are at this point not sure what the cost is going to be.

Let me assure you if there is going to be progress, then there will be a cost. This cost may not be great it just depends on how fast and far you expect to go in a certain amount of time. If you decide that you only need to go and a little bit, then the cost will in turn be small. Please do not let the cost scare you, as there is a cost for everything in this life, if you want to be a better swimmer, then you need to practice in the pool quite a bit.

Without practice, you are not going to be a very good swimmer and without action, you will not make progress in anything you choose to do. I wish there was a simple easy way to get around this but there is not. Once you realize that you need to put time in to get from where you are to where you want to go, and then you start to realize that the equation is quite simple, thought plus action equals results.

Once you understand this simple equation and add time into it, then there is nothing that you can’t accomplish. Then you understand that the world is yours for the taking and there is nothing that is out of your grasp and that you can’t achieve.

Now that we’ve figured out the equation let’s talk about how much time we stay on each task. How do I know that I am spending too much time in one area and not enough time in another? If your life seems to be lacking in a certain phase, then maybe you need to spend more time in one area and less in another. How can I distinguish which phase I am doing well in and which phase I am doing poorly in?

That’s when areas of your life are going to be going good, and I am happy, healthy, Wealthy and do I get along with others. These are just a few of the areas that we need to focus on and there are many more, let’s focus on the ones we listed. Can I truly be happier? Can I truly be healthier? Can I truly the wealthier? The answer is yes. You can truly be happier because happiness is a Choice and you can choose to be happy in any moment no matter what the circumstances are.

Once you learned that happiness is a Choice you will be surprised at the little ways and things you do those that make you happy that never before did. Now that you have happiness, mindset things are easier, things are finer and you’ll see that you start looking for the good in life instead of all the negatives. That is one of the Keys, Learning How to Be Happy and to except Happiness as a Way of Life! Letting It Have the Upper Hand in all your decisions most of the day.

Will this really work here you are asking yourself? YES it will because happiness is what all seek after and try to find in this life, yet normally we have a self-defeating mode of self-destruction and negative thinking which is learned over our course of life. Therefore, what we now need to be willing to do is to change that course of thinking, to get out of the negative and leap into the positive world.

This is where life has meaning and purpose and this is where you can see that happiness truly is a Choice and that you may choose it at anytime you want. Results are yours and you can mold them and shape them into any form you so wish to do, the time is now, the future is yours, today is a gift, use it in anyway that you want, use it as long and much as long as it is in the positive nature.

Slowly the phase shall start to have meaning and you will see that you can make a difference in your life with just a little bit of hard work. Now you can truly see why only you can change your future and why you hold all the keys to all that you need for success and now you have a better understanding of how to use your minutes wisely and that is another key to your success. That people is in this world of ever-changing values, another one of the keys to your success.

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