You Can Change Your Life!

and technology is exciting with opportunities to learn what we want in an instant. The Internet has revolutionalized the way we learn.

With self-help books and personal development advice everywhere we appear to believe that by merely investigating an issue will allow us to resolve it. But thinking about a problem and even knowing what to do about it isn’t the same thing as ACTUALLY doing something about it!

You’ve may have heard the Chinese definition of insanity which states that it is “doing the same thing, in the same way, and expecting a different result!”

If the actions you are taking are getting the outcome you want then you must being to do things differently! Sometimes this involves taking actions that frighten us.

There is a strong reason for this. Doing the thing you’re afraid of causes the brain to completely rewire itself and reorganize how it relates to the things you were once afraid of.

The subconscious mind must also change your deep-seated beliefs about that fear! This takes away the sense of fear, replacing it with relief and increased self confidence and higher self esteem.

You may be so fearful that you are even afraid of facing your fear! This is natural and normal. Change is frightening to most of us. Unfortunately, most people do on eof two things. They either run away from their fear or they try to do the thing they are afraid of all at once.

Taking a giant leap and trying to face your fear by doing it can scares them more. It also convinces them that they have once again failed if they are unable to face the fear at the moment of action. Why would they ever attempt to change this fear again?

There is a better way to face fears that can ensure you eliminate them forever by bring them fully into the light of day and seeing that they are nebulous in nature and not real at all! It is the fear itself that keeps us bound rather than the thing we are fearful of!

Well, we want to take small steps in the direction of our fear and I do mean very small steps! The bigger the fear the smaller the steps you need to take to eliminate it.

In Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) we are taught that we can do anything if we are willing to break it down into small steps. Let’s face it you could even eat an elephant if you broke it down into tiny pieces!

This way of dealing with fear is an excellent way to also deal with your life goals. When you know what it is you want to do, be or have in life then you can set that as your life-goal.

Now facing that goal or trying to accomplish it in one go can seem daunting or even impossible. However, by breaking that goal down into smaller stepping-stone goals makes it look much more achievable and less of an up-hill struggle!

If you tried to eat an elephant all at once you would just give-up before you even made a dent in it. However, through small pieces it is possible to consume the entire animal. Now, I am not suggesting you eat an elephant but you should view your life-goal as that elephant. Just take it one bite at a time!

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