You Are What You Think!

What exactly do I mean by this statement? You really and honestly are what you think all day long and this is a true and simple fact in life. Believe you are the only worth seven dollars and fifty cents an hour and you shall be stuck making only $15,000 a year for the rest of your life.

Yet if you are able to dream and see the fact that your income is directly related to how you think then your potential income shall be endless, what you put into your mind directly molds and shapes you to make you the person you are today. Change what you put into your mind and replace it with the good, the clean, the positive and you will start to see different results then you have seen in the past. What you put it your mind directly relates to what comes out of your mind.

Change the thought process and you will start to see results in the positive mode instead of the negative way that you have been doing all your life. This in turn shall open new doors and opportunity that were never present before and if you continue to build on these things and continue to grow the world shall be your oyster and you shall surly find yourself a pearl.

Do my thoughts really control my actions? How do I know this is true? Have you ever had a headache and were out of aspirin? You keep telling yourself that man my head hurts and man my head hurts, before you know it you really can’t stand the pain so you go to the store and buy some Tylenol and you take it, you instantly feel better.

It hasn’t even been 2 minutes yet and you all ready feel better, you really think the Tylenol had a chanced to work or do you just think you feel better because you finally got something for your headache, a perfect example of you are what you think. Why would you feel better after only two minutes? Because you thought, the Tylenol would help and before it had, a chance to work you felt better.

Do you see my point? This works in many areas of life and can be applied to every situation. If you apply this to your life, it shall slowly change to the way you want it to. If you think positive happy thoughts you are more than likely going to be positive, this I know from practicing it myself and it really does work.

If you think you can do something and continue to hold that idea in your head, slowly the picture will start to change. If you never let the picture leave your mind, then you shall by all means start to become the picture you are holding, this is a simple and true law of life, YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE AND ARE THINKING ABOUT ALL DAY LONG!

Is it easy to keep thinking in a certain way? By no means, if you have had a life of being negative this will not change overnight, yet it can be done and it just requires hard work on your part and hours and hours of retraining of your brain to think in a new way and to put the old thoughts in the past and to move on to a new and more productive you one of happy thoughts, good habits.

Once you start to see this happening, you will see that you are capable of changing any area of your life you don’t like and it only takes time ands’ effort on your part. Start to think positive thoughts see yourself changing think happy thoughts, think of peace, love, patience, joy, all the things that you really want out of life and start to call them fourth, because if you call them fourth they have no choice but to start and show up if you believe with all your heart they will!


I really believe this to be true that if you call it fourth, you shall start to receive it and this is one of the simple principles in life that, shall never change no matter what frame of mind we are in. What state our life is in. If you follow these simple principals then things shall start to change in your life and you will start to see results happening hand over fist and this will give you hope. I Said THAT FOUR LETTER WORD THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT IN anyone’s LIFE!

With this word “HOPE” many things are possible that were normally not there and you can achieve far more with hope in your life than without it.


John Maxwell

Let me close this chapter buy saying you are what you think and with Hope, many things are possible that are normally not there. Please have faith in yourself and believe that you can change and see yourself changing and try to stay focused on all the positives that are going around in the world, as this will give you HOPE and that is the key to your happy and successful future. You can do it and you shall succeed on your way to Building the Perfect You. Let me note here this is a very hard principle to master! Yet to this day I am not able to call all the things forth that I would like too! Yet I am learning that calling them forth and changing to postivie attitude things are starting to go my way more and more, this I can assure you!

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