Working With the Law of Attraction

Surely by now you’ve heard about the phenomenal DVD called “The Secret”. In fact you have probably watched it or maybe read the book. The basic premise of The Secret is the Law of Attraction.

Whether you suspect that this “law” is real and workable or think that it is just a joke it doesn’t matter. Because this law is operating in your life whether you believe it exists or not!

Every day, in fact every minute of every hour of every single day this law is operating in your life. The problem is not accepting the law of attraction, because most people who encounter the teachings about this law accept it readily. The problem is working with the law in a conscious manner.

After watching or reading The Secret many people get so excited that they launch into their law of attraction exercises expecting everything to just “fall in their lap”.

However, they are soon disillusioned when they find that nothing happens when they try their hardest to get the law of attraction to bring them their desires.

There are many reasons why the majority of people fail to realise their goals by using the law of attraction (or any other personal development tool).

Unfortunately The Secret only touched upon the great law any never really delved into the deeper aspects of using it!

However, there is an audio/video coaching program, devised by one of the teachers from The Secret, that reveals how to really get the law of attraction to work!

To demonstrate how this course can teach you the correct ways to use the law I will highlight one problem with using the law consciously that The Secret never covered!

One of the biggest problems every personal encounters when they attempt to manifest their desires lies in the subconscious mind. It is true the law of attraction does exist and it does bring you more of what you focus on.

Yes, your thoughts do create your reality and yes your emotions do guide your thoughts and regulate your vibrational frequency (magnetising you to attract your desires or magnetising you to repel them).

However, 99% of your thinking happens SUBCONSCIOUSLY! This is where the problem lies with trying to use the law of attraction to attract your desires and wants!

If your subconscious thinking isn’t in alignment with your conscious thoughts then you will never attract what you want. In fact if your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and feelings are in DIRECT OPPOSITION to your conscious desires you will most likely attract NEGATIVE RESULTS to yourself!

There are several ways to remove the negative subconscious programming that is hindering you from achieving your goals – probably the best is the Sedona Method. Without a conscious efforts on your part to remove your negative subconscious programming, which runs your unconscious thoughts and feelings, you keep getting the same results you have always gotten regardless of what action you take!

However, the Wealth Beyond Reason course, by Bob Doyle from The Secret, address this very problem (and others) and uses techniques to overcome the trouble it causes.

Would you like to get the results from using the law of attraction that you were promised in The Secret? Visit Wealth Beyond Reason and find out how.

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