“MindPerk” Personal Development Product Supplier Review

We found this great site called MindPerk that has an abundance of self-help tools at very low prices.

It is well worth checking out!

Authors include Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale – to name but a few.

They claim that they wish to “make continuous learning affordable, and have negotiated with suppliers and success authorities to get you the lowest possible prices available anywhere. Each product has been carefully selected. Only the very best materials are included here”. After reviewing their selections and comparing their prices to those found elsewhere on the web we must agree with their assessment.

MindPerk is the direct result of an experience in the early 1980’s when its founder discovered an old ragged book in an apartment where he lived with roommates. He picked it up and began reading ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz and it changed his life! That was his introduction to the world of motivational materials. Later he found the benefits of using personal development audio programs to develop a very successful career in sales.


MindPerk offer a wide range of products from books to video tapes. Their prices are affordable and very cheap compared to other outlets.

If you are considering buying a personal development product from one of the big names in self improvement be sure to check this site first as you will most likely get it cheaper there.