Journey To Wild Divine Review

The Passage & Healing Rhythms
bio-feedback Game!

wild-divine-6Journey to Wild Divine is, believe it or not, a computer game for personal growth.

I was surprised to find this ‘little gem’ of a product on the Internet and came across it totally by accident. It is a must buy for all those who love mixing personal development and spiritual enlightenment with their computers.


How Wild Divine Works

Journey_to_wilddivine_GrapherAt the beginning of the Journey To Wild Divine game you must hook yourself up to bio- feedback equipment which comes with the game. This equipment, which is in the form of sticky pads attached to your skin, is also connected to your computer.

In order to progress through the game you must control your thoughts because they affect the electrical signals that your body produces i.e. they detect your emotional responses – a bit like a lie detector machine.



JourneyToWildDivine_Now, if you have ever played a computer game you will be aware just how addictive they can become. Many hours can be spent playing without noticing the time going by.

Being an avid gamer I know that after several hours playing on my computer I can still hear the music of the game in my head and sometimes find myself thinking of ways that I might use to get round a particular gaming problem. What is worse is that all the frustrations I felt while playing the game come rushing back into my consciousness.

Therefore a game that can illicit positive responses and a calm state would be most desirable…….are you starting to get the idea?


The Benefits

The Journey to Wild Divine game directs you to focus your energies and thoughts in order to produce the correct signal. If you do not produce the right electrical signal, by controlling your emotional responses, using visualization, breathing techniques etc., then the doors won’t open or the coloured spheres won’t move and you can’t progress.

wild-divine-5The game is visually appealing and very relaxing. The detail of the computer images is first rate and the game itself is extremely enjoyable to play. Journey To Wild Divine truly is a 21st century method of self improvement.
After playing regularly you will find yourself bringing the benefits with you into your everyday life, being able to regulate your emotional responses and thought processes.


‘Journey to Wild Divine’, which is marketed as a ‘daily mind & body practice for healthy living’, is truly excellent.

Unlike other ‘ordinary’ games you won’t get bored with it after a few days, due mainly to the enormous benefits you start to notice after the first game!

wild-divine-4It is somewhat pricey but then ‘you get what you pay for’ in self improvement just like everything else in life. One thing must be said – it definitely works!

If it is played regularly it can give you the same benefits in a few weeks that would normally take many years using meditation techniques. You can also get the advanced package “Healing Rythms” to help heal mind and body!

The Journey to Wild Divine Biofeedback Software & Hardware for PC & Mac:

The Passage

Healing Rhythms