Why Wealth Beyond Reason is Different

What is Wealth Beyond Reason?

If you have watched the DVD documentary The Secret, which reveals the truth behind the law of attraction, then you will already have seen Bob Doyle. Doyle is a featured teacher on the DVD and he has quite a lot to say about the law of attraction. He was drafted into the filming if The Secret because the executive producer, Rhonda Byrne, was a student on his Wealth Beyond Reason program.

So what is it that Bob Doyle teaches and why on earth did he call his course Wealth Beyond Reason?

Doyle states that he called his law of attraction course by such an “attention grabbing” name so that he could shake up beliefs belief systems. He truly believes that any can attract wealth beyond reason into their lives by simply understand and utilizing the powerful dynamics of the law of attraction. So what is wealth beyond reason really?

Well, according to Doyle (and most other personal development teachers), real wealth consists of much more than mere money! Real wealth is about having an abundance of everything in life and having harmony and peace as well. Doyle states that he created Wealth Beyond Reason so he could provide people with everything they need to be able to achieve this level of abundance.

Did you realize that, regardless of who you are, your level of education, your age, what country you live in, your religious preferences, or how you grew up, that you are more than capable of experiencing Wealth Beyond Reason?

It is understandable if you feel this is an unreasonable statement to make and you think it is far fetched. However, I can tell you that through my own personal experience that it is your internal belief system that tells you whether something is possible or impossible and as Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t – you’re right!”

It is merely some limiting ideology that you are holding onto that is keeping you from discovering something that actually can change the complete course of your life.

There are a lot of so-called “Law of Attraction Gurus” that have popped-up since the release of The Secret. However, most them know no more about the universal working of this great law than the rest of us! So, with so many hocus-pocus “gurus” out there why should you listen to Bob Doyle or even consider his Wealth Beyond Reason program?

Because Bob Doyle was once $70,000.00 in debt and couldn’t get the law of attraction to work either!

At one time in he was one of those folks, like myself I have to admit, who was a self-improvement “junkie”. He attempted to change his life through countless programs, courses, techniques and methods but kept experiencing the same lack, frustrations and disappointments. He spent years expecting to find the “magic pill” that would just “fix” everything. During that period he discovered his fair share of “solutions” that promised the earth but only delivered mud!

As a result, there was a time when he almost quit trying and began to think that everybody who believed in the law of attraction and power of the mind were crazy or just down-right lying! He began to think that most personal development teachers was just out to make a fast buck, and could not care less how they acquired it or who they hurt in the process of getting it. However, at his lowest ebb all that was about to change!

Just when things seemed worse Bob stumbled upon the answers and they came fast! He discovered processes which have since been proven to be extremely effective and which always deliver more than they promise!

Wealth Beyond Reason is filled with this real-life answers to real-life questions about the law of attraction and manifestation. What’s more it is packed with insights that will help you to organize your understanding and it also gives you techniques that work.

If you, like me have been tempted to give-up because of the vast amount of other self improvement and personal development products that failed to deliver just wait! Don’t give up. Wealth Beyond Reason is a program that really does work.

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