Why the Law of Attraction Does Not Work for You

Many folk will go to so-called “masters” to answer all of their law of attraction questions. They will seek instructions to get this great law to work for them because they are not living the type of lives they want. However, it seems that no matter what they are told they just can’t get the results that they were expecting. So, they either give up or move on to the nest “latest and greatest” craze in a vain attempt to improve their lot in life.

If you are reading this article you are either new to the law of attraction or you fall into one of the above two categories of people!

Statistics indicate that more than 90% of those who attend seminars or go to “how-to” conventions ever use what they were taught. It may be that the information they were given was too basic, unusable, or lacked any real content.

Then there are those people who just refuse to implement what they have been taught! I will assume that you are not the latter and have tried to work the law of attraction before but, due to circumstances beyond your control, were unable to obtain any real-world results!

If the law of attraction isn’t working for you it’s because you haven’t been told the full story! Many law of attraction teachers either do not know or do not care about teaching you the most important ingredient in any method for working this law.

In fact this missing ingredient can only be found in three places two of which are at Sedona Method and Release Technique. The third which also teaches techniques to use it with th elaw of attraction to attain ALL your desires is mentioned at the end of this article.

There are hundreds of ways to get the law of attraction to work in your favour – if not thousands. Any one of them will work but only when you apply the missing ingredient. Without it ALL your efforts will go wasted and you will see only watered-down results, no results or even negative results!

Why is this?

The results you obtain are more dependent on this missing ingredient than anything you consciously do to try and get the law of attraction to bring you those things that you want!

Ok, I know you want to know what this missing ingredient is so here goes!

The missing ingredient to getting the law of attraction to work lies in your subconscious mind. Before you can attract anything you must first remove the subconscious blocks to acquiring from your mind. It really is that simple.

You have hundreds, if not thousands, of “anti” thoughts and feelings running constantly in the background which ceaselessly work against your conscious efforts. In order to get the law of attraction to work consciously you must stop it from working unconsciously!

In fact when you master this process, of accessing your subconscious mind and changing your beliefs, you can even get the law of attraction to work for you UNCONSCIOUSLY!

Once you know how to do this is a fairly easy thing to accomplish. However, you must gain the knowledge that you need to remove your “anti” programs before you ever try to use the law of attraction consciously.

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