Who Is Deciding How You React To Your Feelings?

Emotions are powerful things. Do you realise that almost 90% of your actions are driven by your automatic emotional responses to external and internal stimuli? Almost everything you do is driven by an emotion. Most of the time this is not a problem, however, sometimes are reactions are not how we would like them to be. Often we react to situations, people, events etc., rather than responding to them!

Are your current and most profound emotions automatic reactions or purposeful responses? Are your actions driven by purposeful thoughts or are your thoughts driven by emotional reactions?

Are you frustrated with how you continue to react the same way every time a specific situation or feeling comes up? This is very common. It is especially true of anger, stress and anxiety!

Our emotional reactions can be so out of control that they can endanger our career, relationships and even our own lives and the lives of others.

There are two ways to deal with emotional reactions that have become a automatic behavioural pattern in our lives. The first is to change how we respond to the feelings that surface in our consciousness.

This is just a choice you make. When you choose to respond to your feelings instead of reacting to them you empower yourself to take different actions; you take yourself off automatic!

To do this you must change your perception of the emotions that you are feeling. Perception plays a major role in our thoughts and actions. Perception is based on internal beliefs that have become engrained and programmed into the subconscious mind.

For example, do you get uncontrollably angry? Ask yourself why. Now do not accept the usual response that such-and-such happened and it made you angry or so-and-so said or did this-and-that which made you angry. The truth is you made yourself angry because you perceived the situation in a certain way!

Did you feel that the other person was trying to belittle you or steal your power? Did you feel a loss of control? Find the motivating emotion! Find it now. Bring to mind a time when you had an automatic reaction that was angry (we all have them). How did you feel? I bet you felt threatened in some way.

Start questioning your reasoning for believing what you believe about that situation. Is it possible, just possible, that there may be an alternative reason?

Choose now to respond to those feelings differently by questioning their validity instead of merely reacting to them!

This approach is highly effective but does take concentrated effort and is often better practised by recalling previous events and forming the habit of questioning using those events. Trying this approach at the time of an emotional outburst is difficult if you have not previously created the habit of doing it!

The second way to eliminate emotional reactions is to “release” the emotion itself. It is possible to completely eliminate emotional responses altogether.

Would you like to remove the feelings that are causing you to react and act in ways that you do not like? Then try the sample process for doing this described in the video on the Sedona Method review page!

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