Where to Find Self-Esteem!

You owe it to yourself to delight in your own magnificence!

“Whoa,” you say. “That’s a strong statement–maybe even a bit lofty!” Well, thinking like that is probably not working for you, I’ll bet! So, how IS your self esteem? Okay, let’s back up a minute.
Read the questions below and answer them HONESTLY:

1- How many times a day does someone pay you a compliment?
2- How often does anyone do something kind for you unsolicited?
3- How often do you receive positive, encouraging feedback for your efforts?
4- How often does anyone express their undying gratitude for the many unselfish acts you perform daily?
5- When was the last time someone gave you a gift just because they love you?
6- Does anyone ever look in you in the eyes and tell you they adore you unconditionally?
7- Is there anyone in your life that would jump for joy if you decided to go on a week-long adventure….alone?

Now, let’s check your answers to my ‘self-esteem’ questionnaire!

a) Did your answers…give you a warm fuzzy feeling or make you stand taller? If so, I suggest you turn off your computer and immediately seek out those individuals and thank them for contributing to your positive self-esteem and ask them to promise never to change so you can coast through life knowing you are important.

b) Did your answers…stir up some anger, sadness, or shock?
Well, CONGRATULATIONS, you have just experienced a breakthrough – one that will put you on the road to a higher
quality of life forever!!!

One you can count on!

Insight #1- It is not anyone else’s job or responsibility to validate your existence!
Insight #2- It is not up to anyone else to provide you with reasons why you are terrific and deserve a beautiful life experience!

*If all those people who kept pumping you with ‘happy air’ flew away, you would be deflated. Then, what? No self-esteem!*


You don’t NEED anyone else’s input (not saying it doesn’t sound good sometimes, it’s just not required)!
You can be…you must be your own pump!

HOW? Let’s take another look at those ‘nasty’ questions and I’ll show you!

1- Compliments? Who better than you knows every single wonderful thing you do each day that is worth recognition…pay yourself a compliment!
2- Kindnesses? Be kind to yourself – say ‘no’ to others once in a while, take 10 to refresh and nourish YOU – walk outside, listen to some tunes, get a short chapter in!
3- Feedback? Kudos and constructive criticism always has more power when it comes from within. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back!
4- Gratitude? Practice noticing little ways you contribute to a better world: smiling at the harsh bank teller, pushing the rock on the sidewalk off to the side so no one trips, parking further away from the store in case someone has trouble walking – it all counts! Be grateful to yourself!
5- Gift? Not all presents cost money and certainly do not have to come from others. Take time for a hot bath, keep that golf date every Saturday morning or make time for your favorite hobby. Treat yourself!
6- Unconditional love? Look at yourself up close in the mirror at least twice a day, smile a huge smile and say, “I love you, man…you are so cool!”
7- Adventure? When you do finally recognize that you are spectacular and ever-growing…acknowledge that “knowing” by finding small or large ways to discover for yourself what a miracle you truly are!
Get lost in a good book, try something you’ve never done, meditate or take a trip!

Hey, look…you found your self esteem

Was it the last place you thought of looking?
What a treasure you’ve discovered

You owe it to yourself to delight in your own magnificence !!!

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