Where is Happiness?

by Michael McGrath

Is your current life a mixture of boredom, which stems from the same old hum-drum experiences and feelings of frustration due to over-commitments from work, family and friends? Does it feel like there your life is on “loop” like some repeating pattern that goes on and on? Are you stuck in a rut? Do you crave something better?

In order to regain your zest for life you need to rekindle that natural sense of drive, expectation, and excitement you had as a child.

Many people know this at an unconscious level and seek it through any means they think will fulfil their needs.

Some resort to vices to stimulate that sense of being fully alive, desperately trying to bring some meaning into life.

Others thrill seek in order to feel the rush of adrenaline that makes them feel alive!

But these things never satisfy for long and after awhile even they become stale and boring!

Nothing outside of yourself can give you happiness, peace or contentment – because these things reside within! This is why even achieving goals can leave you with a feeling of anti-climax.

For this reason Buddha suggested that all desires lead us to suffering and the only way to true happiness is to let go of those desires! However, if Buddha believed that all desires lead to suffering why do Buddhists chant for material things (and almost always get them!)?

Well it lies in DESIRE itself. You see there is nothing wrong with having everything you want. You should have everything after all you are the temple of the living God! You are a child of the universe and you have at your disposal the power that creates worlds! You can have, be and do anything you wish!

You see: Having something and enjoying it is not what leads to suffering. Being the person you decide to be is not what leads to suffering. And, Doing whatever you want to do does not lead to suffering either. It is the “wanting” of it that leads to the heartache! Let me explain.

I am sure you are aware of many teachings on the Law of Attraction. This law, in its most basic form, states that you get more of what you focus on. Where you place your attention usually grows; see lack and concentrate on that lack and you will get more of it. See abundance and focus on it and you will attract abundance.

The reason we suffer when we desire something is because we are focusing on the lack of it. We are concentrated on the fact that we do not have it and that means we are just perpetuating the cycle of not having it-wanting it-not having it!

When you release the desire for the thing you want you free yourself to have it. It sounds paradoxical but it is not. By letting-go of your desire you are no longer affirming that you do not have it!

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