What the Sedona Can Do for You

Perhaps you have heard the Sedona Method or not. It is a way to release unwanted emotions on the spot. Now this in itself is a great way to reduce stress and control your moods but there is a much more important side-effect to using this technique.

Whether you realise it or not emotions run your thinking. Every thought you have has been produced because of an emotion that you have felt.

Now, if you have been involved in personal growth for any amount of time then you will know that your thoughts create your reality. Therefore by releasing negative unwanted emotions you also release (or eliminate) all the negative thoughts behind that emotion.

This means that your thinking will clear up. If you use the Sedona Method on specific goals to release the negative emotions you feel about that goal then you also release all the negative thoughts about it as well!

When you release a negative emotion what actually happens is all the negative thoughts that the emotion was driving are eliminated also so you find that your goals just start to come to you almost effortlessly! You remove the resistance to what you want!

One of the reasons why the Sedona Method is unique is in its universal applicability. The list that follows represents just some of the areas that you will receive benefit from using this amazing tool.

A question that arises in the minds of almost everyone who hears about The Sedona Method ability to work on ALL areas of your life, (from finances & health issues to spirituality or whatever you want!), is; “How can one tool possibly do all this?”

Frankly, it’s very simple.

We are all either our own worst enemy or our own best friend. We are continually sabotaging our health, happiness and success due to our own subconscious beliefs, thoughts, feelings and programs!

For most of us these subconscious programs are, by their very nature subconscious and therefore, totally unknown to us. Like a virus reeking havoc in a high-tech computer system these subconscious programs keep the very things we want consciously just out of our reach.

Even if we identify a belief, thought or emotion that we KNOW is not serving us constructively many of us find it extremely tough to change it or eliminate it. The cause of this problem is easy to identify and just as easy to solve.

It is your feelings that colour your life. They create, and lock these mental restrictions in your mind and make them seem real and unchangeable. It is your feelings that either put you into action or stop you from acting.

You feelings drive your thoughts and cement your beliefs into the subconscious mind. In order to change your thinking or belief system you must first remove the emotion that has glued it into place!

This is the reason so many people fail to get results from self help techniques such as using the law of attraction or saying affirmations, visualizing their goals etc., because they have not first dealt with the subconscious programming that is keeping them “stuck”.

The Sedona Method, or the Release Technique, shows you the way to master your feelings and thus your thoughts. By “releasing” or “letting-go” of your unwanted feelings you free your mind of the unwanted negative thoughts that are associated with that emotion.

This is the quickest way to reach any goal! In fact, it is the only way to reach a goal. Think of a time when an area of your life took a turn for the better. Any time will do as will any situation, event or experience.

Well, whether you realise it or not when your life changed for the better in that instance, no matter when it was or how it happened, it was because you changed your thinking about that area of your life. You accidentally (or maybe intentionally) “released” the unwanted feelings that were keeping your thinking “stuck”, and in automatic mode, and once you did this your life changed through a series of natural sequences and events.

Would you like these changes to happen more frequently and much quicker? Then read the full review of the Sedona Method to learn how.

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