What is the Sedona Method?

What on earth is the Sedona Method and what can it do for you?

Simply, the Sedona Technique is a novel, simple, robust, easy-to-learn and easy to copy technique that claims it can help you manifest anything you want in life. How does it do this? It does it by allowing you to remove your own inner blocks to success i.e. your subconscious negative programming!

The Sedona Method is a technique for personal growth and then some! The Sedona method course shows you a way to reveal your natural capability to let go of any agonizing or undesired feeling in the instant.

The technique itself comprises of a sequence of questions you ask yourself which are designed to lead your awareness to how you are feeling in that instant. Then you are carefully and skilfully guided into the experience of letting go of the negativity – on the spot. Yep that’s right you let go of your inner limitations instantly and what’s more – IT WORKS!

The CEO of Sedona Associates, who market the technique under the name of The Sedona Method, is Hale Dwoskin. Almost three decades ago, he learned The Sedona Method from his friend and mentor, Lester Levenson. After learning and applying what he was taught Dwoskin’s life changed immeasurably.

He found success in each area of his life and due to those successes (and a promise he made Lester) he has dedicated his life to sharing this with you and everybody who has a sincere wish to switch from negativity to positivity and improve their lives.

This method has helped many thousands of people to tap their own natural ability to let go of negative emotions on the spot, including many of famous people. What makes this technique such a power weapon in your self improvement armoury is its simplicity and ease of use.

The Sedona Method can be used at anytime, in anyplace regardless of the environment or situation, to immediately enhance any area of your life. And yes it does work that quickly! You will experience things happening in your life that seem to be almost miraculous!

This is a scientifically proven tool for self improvement that was tested at Harvard University. In fact it is so popular amongst scientists that several devised a unique tool to be used with the letting-go questions designed specifically to attain goals!

Although the “release meter” was designed to be used with The Release Technique (same as the Sedona Method with a different name and taught by another of Lester’s friends – also a firend of Hale Dwoskin – Larry Crane) it can also be used with the Sedona Method as they are essential the same technique.

The effectiveness of The Sedona Method has been validated by respected scientific researchers at major universities and the MONY Corporation. In fact, many Fortune 500 companies and huge corporations have worked with Sedona Training Associates to create positive results for their companies and their employees.

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