What is Holosync?

With the dawn of mind machines and fancy mind bending audio tracks it is no wonder people can no longer keep up the technical advancements in the self improvement arena. With new gadgets and personal development tools being developed every year, yet delivering very little in the way of personal growth, it is no wonder most people have become a little jaded about product launches and hyped-up “new” technologies. However, there is one technologically advanced product that does warrant further investigation – Holosync.

According to Centerpointe, the manufacturers of The Holosync Solution, Holosync is a form of neuro-audio technology. This technology is said to allow the listener to easily enter various desired states of deep meditation. Now if you do not know the benefits of meditation then I suggest you do some further research into the subject to get a better understanding of the vast benefits it has to offer.

Holosync works by using binaural beats which are essentially an audio technology that dates back to the 1800s. However, the full potential of these beats were not known until the late 1970s and since then vast improvements in the sound quality and usability of this technology has taken place – but I digress!

Binaural beats, and thus Holosync, work by sending two slightly different waves to each ear. The brain perceives a these waves as the same sound and merges them in such a way that it creates a beat-type effect. Now, merging sounds is not uncommon in the brain. In fact the brain performs this function on just about everything you get through the senses – think of the screen you are looking at right now.

Essentially you should see two images not one as each eye sees the screen from a slightly different angle. However, the brain merges the two visual images recorded by you camera lenses (your eyes) to give you just one picture in your head.

Simple so far?


Well the brain also performs this action with sounds also. You hear a dog bark outside slightly differently through each ear due to their position on your head and the position of the dog.

Still simple?


Well binaural beats happens because the two sounds you hear – one through the right ear and one through the left – are the same tones except for a slight difference in frequency. The brain thinks they are the same tone just heard from different angles and merges them to create one sound. But they are not the same tone!

What happens is the difference in frequency between the two tones creates a beat effect in the brain that has a frequency that is exactly the same as the difference between the tones. If one tone is at 209Hz and the other is at 200Hz then the binaural beats would be 9Hz (209 – 200)!

Hope your still with me!!!

Then a wonderful thing happens. As the binaural beats, 8Hz in our example, “sound” in the brain, the brain starts to produce brainwaves with a frequency of 8Hz. “Big deal”, you may say – well it is a BIG deal alright! Because after years of scientific research we now know that 8Hz brainwaves produce an alpha state which is akin to hypnosis or meditation!

This means simply by listening to some weird sounds you can easily and effortlessly enter a state of deep meditation or trance! In fact because science knows almost every brainwave state and the physical, mental and emotional states associated with, and binaural beats manufactures can create recordings to induce any brainwave state, you can access almost any state at the push of a button!

How cool is that?

So now you can kiss your sleepless nights goodbye, remove headaches, experience heightened creativity, lucid dream and a myriad of other states through binaural beats. However, Centerpointe has gone one step further!

They have create a binaural betas program that can accelerate your personal growth an defectively change your life – Holosync. Would you like to be more at peace and less stressed, have better relationships, reach your goals easily and even increase your finances? Well Holosync say they can help you do all that with just a touch of a button! You can read the free review of Holosync to learn more.

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