What If Binaural Beats Don’t Work For Me?

Many people in this day and age are sceptical about claims made on the Internet. After they hear of the wondrous things experienced by others and read all the hype surrounding binaural beats some people wonder if “it’s too good to be true” and actually just a shame. Others think that the benefits reported from scientists and binaural beats users are fabricated or exaggerated. Still some other people get excited at the prospect of using binaural beats to change their life but are then dogged by self-doubt. They think that binaural beats sound great but they will never work for them!

Well let me just say this – binaural beats always work and they always work for every person who uses them!

It is impossible for this technology not to produce the desired effect for you because you, I and everyone else have brains that are wired in the same manner. Every human brain has the same mental functions and our brains work via the same type of neural network.

If these recordings work for anyone (and they do) then they must work for everyone because they are using the brain’s natural structure and inner workings to create the desired effect. Therefore it is impossible not to have the desired effects from using binaural beats.

Although many people’s experiences of meditative states are different the effects these states have on the mind and body always remain the same.

Binaural beats are a form of brain entrainment that affects the brain of every listener in the same manner. These binaural beats are produced when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played separately into each ear.

When the brain receives the signal from the two slightly different tones it mixes the tones together to form only one tone. However, because the tones are slightly different in frequency this merging of the sounds is not exact and a beat type effect is produced in the brain. The binaural beats that are produced have the same frequency as the difference between the two original tones.

These “beats” then alter the brainwave frequencies of the listener, causing you to experience new states. Using specific recordings you can create physical sensations, emotional reactions and even rewire the brain’s neural network for maximum efficiency or the removal of destructive patterns and negative emotional connections to past experiences.

The only prerequisite for getting benefit from the use of binaural beats is the use of headphones which must be able to play stereo sounds. You must be wearing stereo headphones to get benefit from the binaural beats because each ear hears a slightly different tone separately from the other.

When you listen to a binaural beats recording you will begin to feel the effects immediately. Once your brainwaves start to change, physiological responses in your body will follow.

The added advantage of using this technology is that if you are diligent and listen to binaural beats consistently, over a period of four weeks, your brain will be able to reach the states that you have been experiencing independent of the recording. That means the effects become permanent after about 30 days of listening to a binaural beats recording.

You will also experience greatly decreased stress levels, better sleep and a multitude of other life-enhancing physical states from the use of this technology.

As a final word I would like to say that science created binaural beats recordings and science has proven that they always work. So don’t worry about whether you will have success with them or not – they always work 100% guaranteed!
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