What Does Success Mean to You?

In order to be a success in life you must first understand what success is. You can read books like “Think & Grow Rich” take live seminars with self improvement gurus such as Tony Robbins and listen to hypnosis CDs until they come out of you rears but without a clear vision of what it takes to be successful you will never move forward in life.

Unfortunately our education system falls short. It teaches people basic mathematic skills and the intricate use of language, geometry, woodwork, metalwork, sports, history, home economics etc., but it does not teach us how to be successful.

We are never taught how to use our brains properly to achieve those things in life that will make us happy! Our parents and peers do not teach us these things either – simply because they do not know!

However, once you discover the secrets to success for yourself, or once someone points them out to you, you can move towards the life that will make you ultimately happy.

Finding out how to achieve your goals is easy. In fact, when you have a clear goal in mind and start to take even the smallest action steps towards achieving it reaching your goal becomes enviable, easy and fun! The problem, however, lies in the fact that the majority of people have no goals because they have no idea what they want!

Success is elusive to 98% of the population because they do not know what success is!

Success is simply living the life that you want to live on your terms. This life will not be the same for everyone. For example, some people want financial independence working for themselves by themselves, while others want to find a job that they enjoy doing, interacting with people they admire, trust and can connect with and would hate to have the hassle of running their own business.

Success to me will most likely mean something completely different than it does to you.

In order to be successful you must identify those things that you truly want. I am not talking about goals and aspirations that society tells us we should strive for. Neither am I referring to those goals that your parents, friends or partners want for you. I am talking about the core goals that now lie dormant deep within you!

When you can reignite your passion for life and reconnect to the desires that you had when you were younger you will rediscover your core goals. Once you do this there are multitudes of ways to achieve those goals. However, just identifying a goal means you have done 80% of the work already! Would you like to identify the goals in your life that will lead to success and happiness? Then sign-up for our free Personal Development Newsletter and immediately get a free Manifestation MP3 that will help you gain success.

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