What Do You Want?

This article is a helpful basic self improvement insight into your personal inventory about “What You Really Want?” from life. It is written from my personal views and experience even with having a less than glamourous background where I was the first in my family to go to college, become a firefighter and medic, rise to the President and CEO of my own company and be an entrepreneur.

What Do You Want?? Someone asked that question for you to answer. Would you be surprised to find out most people in the United States will need help answering this basic question about their own life. Why is this? Americans are taught with an outdated education system and the system was meant to produce soldiers and workers only. You are taught to think how to follow orders correctly and stay within the norms of society. During this process the individual is loss and most sift thru their life experience of doing for others to find their passion and have the heart to do what they really want for themselves.

In order to find out what you really want. One must understand where they are now to begin on a journey. As a firefighter we could get an emergency call while at or away from the fire station, the first thing I did was equate my present position so I could map out the best course for emergency response. In a similar way to the question “What Do You Want?” because one must find their starting point and passion to dream big in life. You will have to challenge yourself and do a honest and sincere reality check of your past and present life. The specific areas should be as follow Family,Financial,Physical,Career,Social and Spiritual. I will not go in depth an any area as you see they cover all areas of life.

The individual who has the fortitude to lead a balanced life and make the necessary changes can personally answer that question “What Do You Want??’. How can you do it? You must come outside of your comfort zone and face your FEAR (Fasle Evident Appearing Real). This will allow you to be able to dig deep enough to pullout “What Do You Want?”.

For years I really wanted to make money online via the internet. Recently I was listening to this audio/video of this guy on how to profit on the internet, no B. S., it really was good stuff. What really caught me was how easy it was to decipher the information and the passion I felt as he presented the information step by step at no cost. I could tell by his comments that he was doing what he really wanted and he was living a lifestyle of choice with a positive swagger.

In summary, “What Do You Want??” from my personal experience I found out it was a matter of choice. It started with the type of person I wanted to be positive or nagative. Then, taking a personal assessment of myself .Next, implementing the changes I needed to make in order to have the lifestyle that I wanted. This took me on a journey and I spent lots of money and went thru my own personal ladder of learning how things really work for me. You must take action, on your own behalf to keep focus ( FollowOneCourseUntilSuccessful ) whatever it is that brings passion in your life. OK, it’s all about the money but then again after the money euphoria is over, it is back to the basic truth of “ What Do You Want??” that pushes you thru the day to day living. I am creating a site called “The LINK” which I will refer other sites and connect people to valuable resources. It will be ready soon. Remember the guy with the audio/video I am going to put him on my signature file so anyone can access his site, that is, if making money online is something you really want to do.

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