What Changes Are You Avoiding In Life?

Change is an ever constant and consistent thing in our lives. Yet so frequently we resist it with such force that we make ourselves stressed or even physically ill.

As humans we are wired to avoid change because any sort of change, even change for the better, involves (what we view as) some an amount of pain in the transition period.

The familiar always seems comfortable to us even if it involves a negative situation. What is known and easily predictable become comfortable to us. Change, by its nature, needs us to step outside our comfort section and move beyond it.

We must therefore let go of something we’ve become acquainted with. This may be a relationship, the structure of your company, a routine or even a physical environment.

Change can not only be uncomfortable but it can be inconvenient and, on occasion, quite overpowering. However, unless you are ready to welcome change in your life you may miss the opportunities your ever changing environment presents to you.

If you do not embrace the notion of change as a medium to bring opportunities then you will be unable to create the life you truly want to live.

Perhaps you are someone that feels awfully averse to modify the status quo. You may well be truly a ‘creature of habit’ and feel that change is too frightening a concept.

That’s all fine and good but if your discomfort with the thought of change doesn’t change itself you will stay firmly stuck in your current circumstances and you reality will never become a better place to be in!

In my experience when folk opt to elude change, it is not because they fear the change will be negative in nature but because they doubt their own capability to deal with the issues that such a change will bring.

Fear keeps them stuck in their current situation and sometimes this fear is so strong that they will take measurable steps to avoid change of any kind!

How do you feel about change in your life? Do you realise that your life cannot get better and you cannot attract your dreams if you will not accept change as a medium for which you life can change?

What would need to change to bring into your life more of what you wanted and less of what you did not in whatever areas you are feeling discontented with?

Folk who achieve true success in their lives, whether professionally or privately, view change not as something that is ‘bad’ or to be evaded but as something that is a vehicle to progress towards the life they desire. They do not resist change but instead embrace it or even rejoice in it.

Likewise the only way you can ever have the life you’d really love to live is by proactively going out and making whatever changes need to be made. You must embrace change for what it really is – a means to better yourself and your life.

Don’t give in to fear. Regardless of whether it is fear of the unknown or fear that you may not cope well with the new situation that change inevitably brings, fear should be stamped out like a disease!

Claim your new life today and embrace change as though it were an old friend from yesterday!

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