What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are specially generated sounds that are designed to alter your brainwaves to create very specific altered states of consciousness. They are scientifically produced and can create almost any mental or emotional state you desire such as happiness, creativity, relaxation, sleep etc. After many years of research it has been concluded that these auditory brain entrainment sounds are perfectly safe, non-addictive, and can be used as often, or as little, as you like.

So what are these beats and how do they work?

Well binaural beats are actually an illusion created by the brain. I say they are an illusion because they do not exist as actual sounds, although they are quite clearly audible when you listen to a binaural beats recording. So if they don’t really exist how come you can still hear them?

Well the trick to binaural beats lies in the way the recordings are made. To understand this we will get slightly scientific but it is well within the layman’s understanding.

For a long time, the scientific community has been aware that specific brain wave frequencies are associated with specific states of mind. For example, the alpha frequency of 8 to 12Hz is present when individuals are in trance like states – when they are deeply relaxed yet highly mentally focused – such as during a hypnosis session. This frequency can be verified through an electroencephalograph (EEG) reading, and can usually only be independently obtained through mental exercises such as meditation or hypnosis.

Scientists knew that if they could find a way to get the brain to produce these low frequencies then they could easily create these mental states. Their first thought was to use sound as a way of entraining the brain into these frequencies. However, the ears can only typically hear between 20 and 20,000Hz. Frequencies such as 8Hz simply don’t register in the brain.

However, they understood that if they could get the brain to register these lower frequencies, they’d be able to recreate such states of mind and body, literally, on demand.

And that’s just what German experimenter H.W. Dove discovered in 1839 – although he was totally unaware of the vast potential for the binaural beats he had discovered!

Professor Dove found out that by playing two coherent sounds of similar frequencies, one to one ear and one to the other, he could produce a third beat at a specific frequency. Dove understood that although these beats appeared to be a real acoustic sound to the listener they were only a creation of the brain!

It was later in 1973, that Gerald Oster discovered that by using these binaural beats he could entrain the brain to produce brain waves with a frequency that was identical to the frequency of the binaural beats!

Now, it was known even in the 1970s that brain waves have specific mental and physical effects on the mind and the body. So, through the use of binaural beats, for the first time, scientists could deliberately create specific mental and physical states in a subject at will! – All through the aid of some special recordings and a pair of stereo headphones!

After much scientific research, and many thousands of electroencephalograph reading studies, the exact frequencies associated with almost every mental state are now known and can replicated easily with the correct binaural beats recording!

By creating recordings that have binaural beats at a specific frequency, which corresponds to a specific mental state, it is now possible to create those mental states within just a few minutes!

A great amount of research and experimentation has been undertaken to refine this technology to such a degree that these binaural beats recordings have become easily accessible and very affordable to anyone interested in using them.

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