Weight-loss self hypnosis!

by Michael McGrath

There are many different reasons why someone may want to lose weight. You may want to feel healthier, look better, fit into your old clothes or even have been advised by a medical prationer to get in shape. However, if you are one of those people who battle constantly with your weight then you already know how hard it is to stick to a diet. In the majority of cases they just don’t work!

All the current slimming pills and weight-loss fads are of extremely limited effectiveness. When you take into consideration the dangers of surgical procedures and the lack of long-term studies of new-fad diets a safe, reliable alternative is needed.

Although many claim that there are painless ways of losing weight the simple is truth is that weight-loss, like everything else worth achieving in life, requires some effort on your part. However there are techniques and tools to make your transition to health much more enjoyable and easy. A great example is the famous Paul McKenna I Can Make You Thin weight-loss system which was tested on British television with remarkable results. It didn’t even involve hypnosis!

As well as McKenna’s approach to weight-loss, which we will return to later, another very effective tool is hypnosis or self hypnosis to be more accurate.

Weight loss hypnosis can you help you feel fitter and look better, as well as giving you the ability to maintain your new found health and physique. The added benefit of increased self-confidence makes it one of the best methods of weight-loss to date. Losing weight is like any other objective you have in life – it must be regarded and set as a goal! So, a great starting point would be to set a goal to listen to your weight-loss self-hypnosis session daily for at least 30 days.

Like in many other aspects of personal development, the key to success is having a Personal Development Plan. Following someone else’s plan for your own weight-loss could and probably will lead to failure. We all live different lives and each of us is unique. Your lifestyle, schedule and abilities, may not permit you to follow the same plan as the person who wrote the diet book, gave the speech or recommend the product!

So before you actually begin losing weight through self hypnosis, or any other method, you must formulate a realistic plan that is best suited to you. Don’t be overambitious in the beginning. Setting and achieving small stepping-stone goals will give you greater confidence and build your belief that you can and will reach your weight-loss targets.

During the period of time when you are actively listening to your weight-loss self-hypnosis reinforce your sessions by thinking about your goal throughout your day. Your thoughts have power and your focus directs that power. Congratulate yourself on the progress you have made and imagine how you will feel and look once you have achieved your ultimate weight. Enjoy your little imagined journies and know that you are moving towards this reality.

This will increase your own self-discipline. Remember to be realistic when you set your weight-loss goal – hypnosis is a powerful tool that will retrain your brain to think differently about food, your eating habits and lifestyle but it will not magically make 300 pounds disappear in 3 days! By creating a well thought out and realistic plan you will give yourself the tools you need to reach inevitable success.

Now back to the Paul McKenna mthod of weight-loss.

Every person has an inborn weight control mechanism, a set point that attempts to maintain a particular amount of fat on the body. Based on this premise Paul McKenna formulated his easy to use weight-loss system which as I mentioned earlier had an enormous beneficial affect on the British TV viewing public. He even allowed people to eat what they wanted and they still lost massive amounts of weight!

Normally when we go on a diet we are forcing the body to adjust to a new way of eating. This is in effect resisting the powerful totally natural urges the body has to prevent energy deficit. So appetite suppressants may help to reduce these drives, and forcing a change in eating habits may retrain the body and mind into a new eating regime but the body will still has these urges because they are inherent and totally natural.

In addition many people overeat due to stress or the desire to suppress negative emotions or feelings of discomfort. Everyone knows the classic ‘comfort eater’. This is why the use of self hypnosis is so effective for weight-loss because it can retrain the mind to view food, fitness and eating in more healthy ways. Self hypnosis can eliminate the emotional eating habits that lead to over-eating.

However, McKenna’s research shows that, if you follow your own body’s natural rhythm and don’t force yourself into strict eating habits or deny yourself the food you want most then you will be much more successful at losing weight. By denyng yourself certain things you set up resistance and you will make it much more difficult to stick to your weight-loss plan. The mind is tricky and I am sure you will agree that you always want something more when you know that you can’t have it!

The key is to stop denying yourself the foods you really enjoy but to at them in moderation. I know this is easier said than done but McKenna has some simple yet powerful techniques to ensure your success. Basically you can eat what you want!

Stop eating once your full! Many of us, myself included, tend to keep eating after our body has sent the brian the message “right stop eating I’m satisfied”. We need to learn to recognise these signs and take heed of them.

Take an extra 15 minutes of exercise a day. Spread it over the day so it is achieved in very small steps and you will be burning up more calories.

Remove the need for ’emotional eating’. McKenna has a very unique way of dealing with this phenomenom which, although simple to use, is too complicated to investigate in this article. Try some weight loss hypnosis if you do not want to investigate McKenna’s method.

If you follow these simple steps, as outlined in this article, you are guaranteed success and a new healthy, fit body.

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