The Ultimate in Weight Loss Hypnosis. Hyptalk Hypnosis Power Pack

The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Program is a 12 week intensive weight loss hypnosis program offered by Hypnotherapy Of Nevada (also known as HypTalk).

This course consists of a full set of weight loss hypnosis cds designed to help you shed those excess pounds and keep them off for good.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Victoria GallagherThis is not a quick fix solution for your weight issues it is a professionally (and ethically) produced weight loss hypnosis program that has been extensively tested by creator Victoria Gallagher, formerly known as Victoria Wizell.

To have access to ten weeks worth of sessions with Victoria would cost you thousands of dollars!

Now, at a fraction of the cost of weight loss hypnosis sessions offered by other hypnotherapists, you can have full access to the same powerful weight loss hypnosis programs usually reserved for Victoria’s wealthy private clients.

Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?

To answer that question we really need to look at the reason why people become overweight.

Lose weight with hypnosisAlthough there are genetic issues that make some people more prone to putting on extra body fat than others (something hypnosis can easily address) there is really only one reason that people get fat!

People get fat because they consume more calories than they burn!

If you want to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume and then once you reach your ideal weight you must consume the same amount of calories you burn. Weight management really is that simple. Or is it?
ultimate weight loss hypnosis power pack

The Problem With Diets

Although the mathematical equation to losing weight may be simple (eat less + exercise more = weight loss) the reality of the situation is much different as I’m sure you will agree.

In order to follow the simple little equation mentioned above you need to be motivated to it. Let’s face it no-one wants to exercise after a long day at work or looking after the kids, or running a thousand errands etc., and just the thought of that chocolate cream-filled cake makes your mouth water – the fact that you aren’t allowed it makes it seem even nicer!

So, to lose weight and keep the weight off is not just a matter of dieting. You must change your relationship to food and exercise!

The Ultimate Hypnosis Program For Weight Loss

There is a mountain of research that demonstrates the power of hypnosis as a behavioral changing tool.

The ultimate weight loss hypnosisDuring just one hypnosis session it is possible to eliminate a life-time phobia or eliminate a long-held belief or fear.

Using hypnosis you eliminate a bad habit and just as easily instill in your mind a new positive habit or behavior!

Therefore with the properly crafted weight loss hypnosis scripts it is easily possible to change how you view food and exercise and also change the habits you have formed about them.

What’s more when you listen to your hypnosis weight loss session for approximately 30 days these behavioral changes and changes in attitude become permanent!

This means losing weight can become so automatic, natural and permanent for you that it seems effortless.
ultimate weight loss hypnosis power pack

The 12 Week Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Course

The hypnosis sessions are divided up into twelve sessions each of which should be listened to everyday. The session are standard length so the commitment should not be too difficult to follow.

Week 1
The first week involves a short hypnotic session that builds a foundation for the course. During this session you must create a goal, think of some limiting beliefs you have around your weight, and then Victoria guides you to transform those limiting beliefs into powerful positive statements that you will program into your mind.

Week 2
During week two you use, what Gallagher calls, your Hunger Dial.

This is the mechanism by which you can detect if your body is hungry or you just want to eat from an emotional need. Very good stuff.

Week 3
Week three uses an NLP approach. This involves a hypnotic session based around two mental screens. A screen with your weight situation the way it currently is and a second screen that is used to change your behaviors and thus lead to the body type and shape you desire. NLP is a proven tool for behavioural change and if you change your attitude and behaviours around food you WILL see the benefits.

Week 4
In weeks four’s session you are guided back in time to the root of your weight issues. By tackling the reasons behind your over-eating Victoria (correctly) assumes that you can eliminate the issues and remove the need to over-eat. Here you discover what beliefs are responsible for your current eating patterns and your subconscious need to keep you fat!

Week 5

Conditioning you to drink plenty of water is the subject of week five. Now this may sound silly but the affect that water has on the human body is enormous. Apart from the obvious benefit of filling you up it helps with digestion, skin tone and texture and helps to eliminate all those nasty toxins we take in from other beverages and food. Don’t skip this week! It’s important.

Week 6
Week six deals with the, all too important, subject of exercise. Through some excellent post hypnotic suggestions you are programmed to enjoy exercise and messages are sent to your subconscious mind directing it to get the full benefit of it and pass those benefits it on to your body!

Weeks 7 & 8
Weeks seven and eight deal with healthy eating and metabolism. Here you are programmed to enjoy nutrious food and given a hypnosis technique for increasing your metabolic rate so you easily burn calories and gain an increase in your energy levels.

Weeks 9 – 12
The next week deals with removing your old behavioural patterns using a Tony Robbins technique. Following that in week ten your subconscious mind is ordered to melt the fat in your body (yes it really does seem to work!).

Week eleven brings you a hypnotic session to help you reshape your body by working with your body image.

The final week of the twelve week program involves – Maintenance. This program summarizes everything you have learnt over the previous eleven weeks. The suggestions given reinforce your success and also give you added motivation for the future.
ultimate weight loss hypnosis power pack


Ultimate Weight Loss offers a lot for the money. It is a collect of weight loss hypnosis cds in one 12 week course. Sure you could buy just one hypnosis weight loss cd but would it work?

Much thought and experience has went to the creation of this weight loss hypnosis program and I have to say it is one of the best (if not the best) I have come across.

Every possible aspect of weight loss is covered and the psychological reasons behind over-eating are effectively dealt with. Eating healthily, exercise and water consumption are essentials to any healthy living plan and these are also incorporated into the program in a very professional way.

The advantage of getting your subconscious mind to burn fat and change behaviours gives this program an added boost also.

The suggestions are well scripted as are the hypnotic inductions and Victoria Gallagher’s voice is pleasant and soothing. But the most important thing is… works!

Click Here for the Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Click Here for the Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Program


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