Wealth Creation!

Can self hypnosis really be used to help you create wealth? Perhaps even create Wealth Beyond ReasonTo answer this question we must first look at what causes, if any, there are behind wealth creation and just as importantly what causes there are that block wealth creation.

Two very frightening statistics are that the average American will save 1% of their income, yet on average debt is at 100% over disposable income and the average household is finding it easier to gain access to credit as are those people considered to be in high risk groups. “Buy now pay later” is the catch-phrase of the day.

It seems that debt is an acceptable part of our lives these days. It is part of the global mentality and is perpetuated by the financial institutions. For example we are lead to believe that buying a home is a financial investment which it is not. Your house cannot be used as a financial leverage as can savings for example. Your house is your home!

On the flip side we have a mentality that people who are highly successful have somehow gained their wealth by misleading people or from worse endeavours. The media loves to build icons of the successful just so they can tear them down and have left us with little in the way of good role models. Bill Gates is a prime example!

We are bombarded with messages telling us that winning the lottery would give us instant happiness and financial freedom. Yet very seldom are we encouraged to follow our dreams and try to secure financial freedom through self enterprise. This is to keep the status quo. It keeps the wheels of finance turning and also keeps you in debt and far from financial freedom.

The mindset of the 21st Century is one of debt!

Now let’s look at wealthy people who have gained financial freedom.

They are all self starters. They do not listen to the media, TV or other forms of brain-washing that tell us debt is just the way life is. They are almost all self-employed or what they term ‘business owners’. They have a high degree of self-confidence and belief in what they are doing and their ability to do it well. They have goals not just vague fantasies.

So how can hypnosis and self hypnosis help?

Hypnosis and self hypnosis can remove the ‘debt mentality’ barriers which are preventing you from becoming wealthy and achieving financial freedom. Instead of accepting debt as a way of life and fantasying about winning the lottery you can use a good hypnotherapy session to change your attitude to debt and saving. It can help you become a better financial manager. It can change your entire attitude to money and the way you view your own relationship to wealth.

In addition self hypnosis can help you gain wealth by helping you relax, focus and become more motivated to go after your financial goals. It can open up your creative abilities and help you gain greater insight to formulate real workable plans for attaining money. Hypnosis not only works to rearrange information and traits already present in you but also opens up your abilities to see new opportunities for gaining wealth.

Self hypnosis is a way to clear you from negative thinking, reorganise your thinking towards a prosperity consciousness, motivate you to take action and will instil in you a deep seated belief in your own potential and inevitable wealth.

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