Wealth Building Profit Plan

When it comes to wealth building, there’s a big difference between ‘potential’ and having a good wealth building profit plan.

This recent story is a great example…

My friend, Roy and I were hanging out by the pool chatting while his son was swimming.

Roy kept mentioning all the ‘potential’ he thought his business ideas had.

Well, he recently lost his wife to cancer, he’s a single dad now, and his finances had gotten so bad that he had to borrow money from his son’s piggybank just so they could eat.

So, after hearing his continuous talk of ‘potential’ and finding out about the financial position he was in, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

First I wrote him a check for $1,000 on the spot so he could pay his son back and get groceries, gas, and pay some overdue bills.

Then it was time to focus on making a shift from all this talk about the P-word to focusing on how he could generate profit ASAP!

I said, “Potential is all well and good. But, it won’t put food on the table for you and your son…. What is your wealth building profit plan? You need a plan to generate money right NOW!”

He immediately agreed.

Then the phone rang and it turned out he had forgotten about his son’s soccer practice.

So, we packed up and got his son to the soccer field about 10 minutes later.

As we sat on the grass and talked I began to lay out a plan for him to start making money from one of his ventures right away.

First, I told him that he’s trying to focus on too many business ideas all at the same time. I explained how he needed to focus on one opportunity at a time.

Then, I laid out an idea I had just come up with to help generate money right away. Something that could grow into more and more money the more he repeated the same basic process.

I shared one of my millionaire secrets with him that he is now using as an immediate way to convert his business’s ‘potential’ into fast money while adding ongoing income streams as well.

What I came up with was a concept that allows him to not only create ongoing income streams from present resources he has. But also by combining a few key resources it could become a huge cash windfall for him shortly thereafter as well.

Am *I* some brilliant ‘guru’ of some sort?

Absolutely not. I simply used what everyone has the ability to us…

The unlimited, awesome power of your own mind!

And it all starts by asking the question…

What’s your Profit Plan? How do you intend to create wealth beyond reason?

It’s a powerful question to ask yourself.

That kind of question helps you get the right type of focus.

It helps get your mental gears turning in the right direction.

It helps your mind begin working on coming up with answers, solutions, ideas, and insights.

Because it’s only once your mind makes the shift and gets the right focus that you have any real chance of figuring out the answers and solutions you seek.

So, my friend, what is your Profit Plan?

How exactly are you going to create some more money for yourself in the next 10-30 days? Or at least in the next 3 months or less?


How exactly are you going to increase your income and take it to the next level from what you’re already doing?

The next question is how often are you creating, reviewing and adjusting your Profit Plan on an ongoing basis so you can continuously and consistently build towards wealth and mi1lionaire status (if that’s the level you want to get to)?

Because until you’ve figured out your Profit Plan, it’s that much harder and that much more unlikely that you’ll see the financial increases in your life that you’d like to have (at least it’s not likely to happen anytime soon).

It’s a simple concept.

But, it’s one that should be used ASAP and on an ongoing basis to keep taking things to the next level for yourself.

Figure out your Profit Plan and then put it into action for yourself starting now!

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