We are all Creatures Of Habit!

Human beings can sometime be likened to robots. Just like Robby The Robot, in the sci-fi classic “The Forbidden Plant” ,we go about our everyday behaviour talking, interacting and performing task but we are still very much running automatically.

Unfortunately though, most people are unaware that their actions, reactions and even their thoughts are automatically generated by their subconscious beliefs and very much out of their conscious control. They believe that they have free choice in everything they do. However, we truly are creatures of habit!

Many times, even if we know a certain action does nothing for us, we continue to do it anyway! It’s as if self-destructive behaviour is in-built in us and self-sabotage is genetic! But is it?

We have got ourselves into the habit of ignoring other possibilities and prefer the safety of our automatic behaviours and the automatic results they produce.

It is a lot simpler to do the same things day after day and hget the same results than to take the effort to do something different and face the challenges that may arise from change!

Do you ever ask yourself why we perform these same behaviours day in and day out? Do you ever ask yourself why you react to certain people in the same manner or handle certain situations in the same way? Do you ever open yourself up to an alternative reaction or action? Why do you do similar things over and over?

When we are young and relatively new to life, new opportunities seem exciting and challenges are something we embrace. Most young people love to experience some kind of change. However, as you age doing new stuff is harder to do. We’re not as prepared to do new things because there’s a certain level of comfort in what you know and a good deal of discomfort in the unknown. We become jaded and accepting of the status quo – whatever that happens to be for us!

Perhaps it’s time to make a change. Even the smallest of steps, taken on a daily basis, can mean a huge difference in the long run. If you continue on the path you are going now then 10 years down the line you will be getting the same results you are getting now.

However, even the tiniest of steps you take everyday, from now until then, will mean you have ventured down a completely different path and your life will be completely different when those 10 years have elapsed!

Take small steps in a new direction and on a new path, preferably one that points towards your desires, will allow you to start to break your automatic behaviour. This, in turn, will break the cycle of your automatic results!

The thing to remember is that habits are neither good nor bad – they are just habits. If you have habits that you do not like then you consider them bad, like smoking. If you have habits that you do like then you consider them good, like going to the gym every other day.

A habit is merely a learned behaviour that has become automatic. So why not form the habit of doing something new everyday and taking a step in the direction of your dreams.

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