Using the Laws of Attraction in Life

In the world today, a lot has been said about the Law of Attraction. While some of what has been said is true, there are a lot of facts out there that are not true at all. These can be misleading and are often what cause people to misuse the law of attraction. In 1902, a writer by the name of James Allen wrote a book called “As a man thinketh” which became very popular over time. This book became so famous that in the field of the law of attraction and achieving what you want, many authors often quote his words.

The Laws of Attraction are a belief that like things attract like things. In other words if you focus on negative thoughts it will bring about more negative thoughts. If you focus on positive thoughts it will bring about positive thoughts. The underlying concept is that you can get whatever you want by focusing on it. If you want to get rid of negative thoughts in your life or find a better job you can do it using the laws of attraction.


During the creative process, emotions play a very important role. The law of attraction advocates that whatever you think about, is what you will ultimately achieve at the end of the day. However, what many people don’t say is that no matter what you think about, when you have fear within you, the chances of achieving what you want are very slim. Don’t let this get you down. You can learn to use these emotions and overcome your fear.

Use the laws in life


You can not only use these laws on yourself, but you can use them with lotteries like  

In the year 2008 many lottery games started happening with computer networks. Many outlet stores have computer terminals that were linked up by phone lines to a big computer at the lottery commission. Every time somebody placed a bet it was recorded by the lottery commission. This network is of course a private dedicated network which only lottery officials and retailers can access. If players decide to use these games they can either choose numbers themselves or they can let the computer randomly select numbers for them. Numbers which are randomly selected are referred to as quick pick. The computer link will let retailers validate winning tickets once the game is over.

A lot of lottery drawings are shown on TV live. Many states have air lottery game shows where contestants actually compete for money and surprises. In California they had a television show called the big spin which is been broadcast since 1985. On this game contestants get to spend a big wheel in order to win cash prizes.

Most states let players choose in advance how the jackpot will be paid to them. If you win you can get a lump sum price which means you get the money all at once or you can get it in installments like an annuity which is paid out over the span of 20 or 25 years. In either case states will subtract taxes from the price money.


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