Using the Covert Persuasion Technology in Advertising to Improve Your Life

Persuasion tactics have been employed in advertising for many years. In fact for decades the marketing industry has actively sought ways for influencing potential customers in ways that may appear underhanded or even mind controlling.

Subliminal messages and covert persuasion have been extensively researched, tested and used in advertising campaigns across the world even though they are supposed to be banned in the UK, the USA and Australia!

Although we will probably never gain access to the data that advertising and marketing corporations have accumulated about the effectiveness of subliminal persuasion techniques in advertising we can be sure that they work or else the billion-dollar marketing industry wouldn’t still be using them!

If you do not believe that subliminal stimuli can influence your behaviours and affect your preferences then I urge you to think about what I am going to tell you very carefully.

If you are even an average television viewer then you will have seem multiple advertisements. You may, or may not, be aware of the vast cost involved in creating and transmitting commercials, billboard advertisements or advertisements of any kind for that matter. Just a small advertisement in a small publication with limited readership can cost thousands of dollars. So imagine what a full spread advertisement in a leading magazine costs!

Now companies do not spend huge sums of money on advertisements without ensuring that they get the best coverage and return on their investment possible. Makes sense, right?!

Every small item of a photo shoot set is accounted for and placed in an exact and prearranged position for maximum effect! Even after filming, or photography the finished articles is studied closely and changes made on a computer through an expensive editing software package. Nothing is left to chance.

This is why creating an advertisement costs so much money.

Then the costs of the running of the advertisement are added to the overall cost. This can make just one advertisement for just one product cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, do you really think they would use subliminal persuasion in such an expensive production if it didn’t work?

We both know that they would not. Do a simple Web search for “subliminal messages” and see for yourself just how much it is used in advertising!

Well, do you realise that this very same technology is available for home use? You can use subliminal persuasion products to improve almost all areas of your life through the aid of self improvement subliminal cds.

The latest version of the popular subliminal recording comes jam-packed with 21st century audio technologies to ensure fast and effective subconscious programming for maximum results!

The very best subliminal CDs are capable of training your mind to change your behaviours and attract almost anything you want into your life. These are stealth products that have to be used and experienced to be believed!

You can also create your very own custom subliminal messages specific to your unique situation and your personal needs and desires by using advanced subliminal software. Even though this software is extremely powerful and could be life-changing it is very cheap and easy to use.

The advantage of buying software that allows you to create your own subliminals is two-fold. You can easily customize your subliminal messages to your specific needs and also use your name in them and you will also have no need to purchase another subliminal product again!

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