Using Hypnosis to Get That Job!

I understand that many people who read the title of this article will be thinking that I am referring to using self hypnosis to improve your confidence and sense of calmness during a job interview. Although this is something that will definitely help you be more relaxed during an interview and allow you to access the correct answer s to the interviewer’s questions that lie deep in your subconscious mind it is not the theme of this article!

This article is about conversational hypnosis. You are going to use powerful hypnotic techniques and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to influence the interviewer and make him believe that you are the very best person for the job!

There are 3 simple steps involved in this process.

1. Rapport.
2. Mirroring Values.
3. Influencing Decisions.

Although we all seek some form of kinship, many people in a companies HR or Personnel departments feel that they should remain very detached and not build rapport with the interviewee. However, we will easily overcome this and create rapport without them knowing it.

You can reliably create rapport with anyone through “mirroring” their behaviour. This is an extremely powerful technique when it is used correctly. Practise is needed to ensure that the mirroring is subtle as any obvious mimicking of behaviourisms could be seen as “strange” or even disrespectful!

So how do you do it?

Simple; if the interviewer moves their position in their seat you wait a few seconds and do the same things. If he crosses his arms then you cross your arms. If he is very expressive with his hands you be the same way. This is called mirroring.

You should also create rapport by mirroring the person’s speech patterns. If they speak slowly and over-emphasize words then you must do the same. If they speak quickly then you speak quickly. Listen to the words they use and try to determine how they are referring to things and what tonality they are using then use those words also in a similar tone. Ensure you always wait a few seconds before mirroring a person! If you mirror their speech or behaviour too quickly it will be obvious what you are doing! Subtly is the key.

Despite what we like to tell ourselves, we do things for emotional reasons, not logical ones. So finding someone else’s values and mirroring them is a powerful way to make them believe that you are just like them. This is extremely effective and works on them a deep subconscious level. Once the formal part of the interview is concluded, the HR person will give you the opportunity to ask some questions.

At this stage you should enquire about the number of applicants involved in the interview process and how the process of job allocation takes place. Can the HR person stop the interview process once he has found the right candidate for the job or does he have to continue with the interviews scheduled? This will lead to an answer that is obvious – the interviewer is legally obliged to interview everyone – however it is important you ask the question as you will se later!

Now you want to learn more about the HR person’s values. You will want to ask him what HE gets from the process when he picks the right person for the job. Listen to his answer is it job satisfaction, approval from his boss etc.? Whatever he says, your job is to listen very attentively and agree with him.

Ask what why he feels when he chooses the right candidate – when he does his job well in other words. Listen to identify his values in this situation. Then mirror them back to him.

Show him how you and you alone, have these values to offer the company!

You might say: “I’m sure it feels great [or whatever values he expressed] when you find someone that really does demonstrate an ability to contribute [or do whatever he’s believes an ideal candidate has]. I’m sure he sticks in your mind and everyone else’s. I know that you must interview so many people that you can identify those that say all the right things and that try in vain to impress you, but you always know who the right person for the job is.”

These techniques are powerful and work almost like magic. However, you must practise them. Start using them on people you know. Then once you feel you have perfected them try them on shop attendants, traffic wardens etc. Then you will be ready to land almost any job you want (as long as you are qualified) and will have a major advantage over all the competition!

Would you like to develop the ability to use hypnosis to influence anyone? Then visit Conversational Hypnosis and see how easy it can be!

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