Using Binaural Beats!

Binaural beats are fast becoming a very popular strategy of achieving faster states of relaxation, attaining deeper states of meditation and as an aid to solving a number of other issues like sleeplessness, depression, phobias, and more. They can be used effectively, efficiently and easily without a great amount of effort, as all you have to do is close your eyes and listen to them through stereo headphones.

Binaural beats are actually created in the brain and do not exist independently. You can hear them clearly in a recording but if you take one earphone off they disappear! They are actually the result of a strange, but natural, phenomenon that occurs in the brain when two similar sounds with just slightly different frequencies are introduced to each ear independently.

When one sound frequency is kept on the left channel and the other on the right this frequency differential between the two causes the brain to produce a 3rd frequency (a warble, pulsation or beat) that does not truly exist but is only a creation of the brain – like an auditory illusion.

This “illusion” is not only heard by the listener but it also has a peculiar effect on their brain waves. When binaural beats are created by the brain it also starts to produce brain waves in exactly the same frequency range as the beats.

In order for binaural beats to be effective this 3rd frequency must correspond to any one of a number of major frequency ranges that have been identified through research as corresponding to brain wave frequencies.

The four ranges are as follows:

1. Beta (12-20 Hz).
This range is related to targeted concentration and is the range you find yourself in during most of the day.

2. Alpha (8-12 Hz).
This brainwave state is best for retaining learned information and for heightened performance.

3. Theta (4-8 Hz).
You enter the Theta range when you sleep and have night dreams.

4. Delta (1-4 Hz).
This brainwave range is only apparent in people who enter extremely deep periods of sleep and in very experienced meditators.

The Beta range is related to normal activity in which you use targeted concentration. The Alpha range is best for learning and performance and is evident when you are watching television, reading a book, daydreaming or under the influence of hypnosis. The Theta range usually occurs when you enter a period of fatigue, deep relaxation or in the dreaming state of sleep. The Delta range occurs during very deep sleep and extremely deep states of meditation.

By manipulating the binaural beats in a recording it is possible to cause the brain to create brain waves that are in any of the ranges above – deliberately! This has the effect of producing the associated physical state i.e. Alpha for learning and reprogramming the subconscious mind. Theta is used for creating deep relaxation or inducing sleep. Delta is used for meditation or to take advantage of the positive physical side-effects of deep sleep.

If you’d like to meditate, you can listen to a binaural beats recording that slowly takes you from beta to alpha to theta and then into the delta frequencies. If you want to experience a hypnotic like state for subconscious reprogramming then you can induce alpha waves and so on.

Binaural beat recordings have been used to help people stop smoking, cure sleep disorders, cure depression, improve their health, relieve anxiety, induce lucid dreams, increase their learning ability & retention and a multitude of other things. You can alter or induce almost any kind of behaviour that you want through the use of a specifically designed binaural beats recording.

An added advantage of using binaural beats is that they can be easily obtained on the internet and downloaded instantly at very low cost (less than $40 in most cases). If you compare this to a session with a hypnotherapist, and the fact that the recording can be used over and over again at your convenience, binaural beats are by far the best most cost-effective choice.

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