Unleash the Millionaire Mind!

Are you earning the amount of money that you would like to earn?

If the answer to that question is “no” then in all likelihood your beliefs are limiting your ability to attract money!

Most people believe that they must settle for what they get. Many of them “fall into” jobs and end up in the same line of work for decades because it is what we are used to. It never occurs to them that they can go in another direction whenever they want to and that they can choose that direction for themselves. “You need experience to do that” they will say, or “I don’t have the correct qualifications” or, “I’m too old to change now” are some of the beliefs that these people openly voice. With beliefs like these it is no wonder they are stuck in a rut and unable to move forward!

The problem with these beliefs is that they are accepted blindly without any rational thought or analysis. These beliefs are often so ingrained in the subconscious mind that it takes work to change them. The reason these beliefs are so strong, habitual and remain unchallenged is because they were given to you as a child.

The vast majority of our beliefs are literally programmed into us at a very early age when we are susceptible to the things told to us by our parents and the adults around us. The human mind is designed to be programmed during childhood to keep us safe. It is a parent’s job to teach us that touching fire is dangerous. They must show us the rules of the road and that walking out in front of traffic is detrimental to our health as is eating stale food and doing other potentially harmful things.

You see when you are born you are unaware of the dangers the world presents and it is up to your parents to guide you and program your mind to know what is good for you and what is bad for you. However, this programming does not stoop there.

We often inherit not just the conscious beliefs that are handed down to us but also the subconscious beliefs. Adults are like gods to us when we are children. Most of the time adults are our protectors when we are young. So when an adult becomes fearful (of a financial situation for example) as children we view this situation as extremely frightening and become imprinted by the experience.

As adults seem to be god-like to a child then their words and actions appear to be correct (even when they are not). If a child is told he or she is not good enough then that child will believe it and carry that belief into adulthood.

In fact any beliefs that are given to you when you are a child usually become self fulfilling prophesies and guide your life. As we unconsciously perform actions to support those beliefs these beliefs are then reinforced and become even more ingrained in our consciousness.

One of the most destructive beliefs that is passed to us from the adults who were around us when we were children is the belief “I’m not good enough”. This belief is quickly followed by negative beliefs about wealth!

Negative beliefs about money, wealth and abundance keep you stuck in a life of financial mediocrity or even poverty! It’s time to break this cycle now, gain your financial birthright and stop the negative programming from progressing any further down the generations of your family!

Right this minute, write down 5 beliefs you have about money and wealth.

Examples may include: money doesn’t grow on trees; you have to be ruthless to gain wealth; all rich people are crooks, etc.

Now, question those beliefs. Why do you belief these things? Write down your answers. List all the reasons you can think of that demonstrate that the beliefs must be true.

Once you have done this review what you have written. Are you sure those things are true?

Now, write down alternative reasons why those things that made the belief seem true may have happened. Then write make a list of people, situations or events that are contrary to that belief!

Here is an example:

You list that “all rich people are crooks”. You know this is true because several people you know who are rich have made their money from criminal activities. Ok, so the belief is true for them. Now you write down alternative reasons for getting rich that do not involve criminal activities! Let’s see, have you thought about lottery winners? Are they crooks? What about people who inherit money? Are they crooks? Although some of them may be involved in criminal activities they certainly did not make their money from these activities!

Now consciously look for people who have made money by providing services for people – like Richard Branson from the “Virgin” brand. Not only is he NOT a crook but he has enhanced the lives of many people are forced a more competitive lower-price driven market in every enterprise he has been a part of – much to the consumers advantage.

Use this approach to break your negative beliefs and become more conscious of how you think about money and wealth. Question your beliefs often. You will find that as you become conscious of the negative beliefs that you hold they will often just fall away naturally!

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