University College London Discovers Negative Subliminal Messages Are More Powerful Than Positive Ones

A scientific study conducted in the Netherlands, by Johan Karremans of the University of Nijmegen, discovered that subliminal messages work effectively when they are goal-relevant. Karremans’ team openly admitted that subliminal messages can affect the choices of people who are subjected to them without their knowledge.

Another study by Dr. Bahador Bahrami, of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and the UCL Department of Psychology also confirmed that subliminal messages can affect us.

In a study by Dukes University and the University of Waterloo researchers concluded that subliminal advertising is a great deal more effective than normal advertising.

Now the UK have taken this subliminal research a step further by trying to ascertain what type of subliminal messages are more powerful.

A recent scientific study was performed to test the effectives of subliminal stimuli and to ascertain if subliminal messages really do work, by Professor Nilli Lavie from University College London.

Lavie and his research team were not surprised that the subliminal messages were registered by their 50 volunteers as previous studies by credible universities had already shown that this is indeed the case.

However what the team were surprised to find was that negative subliminal message shave a greater impact on us than positive ones!

Not only does this study also prove that subliminal messages work but the researchers at University College London are quite clear that their findings show a marked difference in how subliminals work depending on the way they are used.

Each volunteer in the 50-strong study was exposed to one word subliminal messages which were flashed for less than a second on a computer screen. This is much too fast for a person to consciously determine what word is being shown and in some cases people would not even realise that anything had been flashed on the screen at all.

After each word was flashed the participants were asked to categorize the word they had just “seen” as good, bad or neutral. The researchers had previously allocated words to each group with words like “ear” and “kettle” being neutral, while “agony” and “murder” were categorized as being bad. Words like “flower” and “peace” were categorized as being positive. Participants were also asked how certain they were that their answer was correct.

The participants recorded 66% accuracy in identifying negative subliminal words!

According to Professor Lavie, who conducted the study, our ability to identify negative words that are flashed subliminally is probably due to our natural survival instincts that are a direct result of evolutionary processes within our species.

Levie is quotes as saying, “We can’t wait for our consciousness to kick in if we see someone running towards us with a knife or if we drive under rainy or foggy weather conditions and see a sign warning ‘danger’.”

He points out that subliminal stimulus is constantly being processed by the subconscious mind and only gets brought to our conscious attention when it is needed. Anything that the subconscious mind connects to danger or a risk to our safety will obviously be given priority!

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