Try you might just succeed!

One day while I was still leaving at home with my parents and siblings I was watching TV. After flipping through channels for a while I found something that caught my attention. It was a group of young boys singing and dancing on the local cable channel.

I remember I observed them for several minutes and though: these guys are so stupid, just wasting their time. They will never be famous singing anything like that.

Years later, I went back home for a visit with my husband and infant daughter, I heard the same song on the radio. Of course I did not recognize the artists right away. But, you guessed right it was them. The same guys I felt were wasting their time. Later, I asked about the song I heard on the radio and my brother and many others confirmed what a hit this new group had become.

I still had no idea who they were for a while but, one day I remembered the young guys that I would have made fun of, if I would have been accompanied by a friend. But, now it was different I was their fan. Their voices are soft and their lyrics make sense.

Once I became aware of whom they were I learned a lesson in life. Try you might just succeed!.

Back then I was too young and cool (so, I though!) to be able to step out of my comfort zone and risk looking stupid in front of others.

But, these guys were able to stand up and follow their dreams. If you notice I said stand up because I suspect I was not the only person thinking they were wasting their times. I can imagine that close relatives probably told them to concentrate on school, while friends or siblings probably mocked them.

They chased after their vision and did not stop until they made it. I suspect I was probably not ready for their music at the time or they were simply in need of more professional training.

My perception of them has changed. Now I see them as role models. Every time I think of their story I feel inspire. I see all the possibilities that life can be.

However, my purpose of sharing this information with you is so that you can too open your eyes and dare to take risks. Who knows? You might just make it!

Just give it a shot,

Kenia Morales

About The Author
Kenia Morales is the publisher of online magazine kpatra “For Every Aspect of Today’s Woman.

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