Trapped By Depression?

Depression very often stems from a feeling of helplessness. It is a lacking of control in your life, or better out, it is a FEELING of lacking control that leads to depression for most people.

If you have a sound sense of purpose in your life and a strong sense of your own power it is much more difficult for you to find yourself trapped by the powerful helpless feelings that are associated with depression.

The way to develop such a solid sense of purpose is to have an understanding of your desires. Then by prioritizing these desires sand setting goals based on them you can start to develop a plan for attaining them. This will give you a strong sense of purpose and also heighten your confidence as you get closer to your goals.

Depression is a state of unhappiness and hopelessness. With depression, comes feelings of rejection, lack of energy, sleeplessness, and, sometimes even suicidal tendencies.

Depression is a trap that is often sprung in 2 ways. First, it can catch you when you do not have any sense of purpose and get caught in feelings of apathy –“Oh, what’s the point”.

When you do not know what your sense of purpose is and have no goals or desires you have no direction in life. At best this will leave you with feelings of uncertainty and at worst it will leave you with feelings of hopelessness that eventually lead to depression.

Second, depression can spring its trap when you have a defined purpose but seem to be making no head-way towards it! When this happens you lose your focus on the goal and direct it towards the things that are wrong and the challenges you are facing.

Many times when you have a goal that you have been working towards yet no matter what you do you cannot get any closer to its acquisition you become angry an frustrated. This anger and frustration will initially be directed outwardly in the form of blame and the “its not my fault it’s because such-and-such never did this and the economy is bad and etc.”.

You start by making excuses and blaming other people, events, environments or whatever, for you failures or lack of progress. But as time passes this anger and frustration are turned inwards which leads to feelings of hopelessness, lack of control, failure and eventually depression!

When we lose focus in our lives, it is usually because we have, in some way, disregarded our priorities. The only way to reorganize our internal focus is through some work.

Just take one thought at a time and use it to lift yourself higher on the emotional scale! When you find yourself feeling down analyse how you are thinking. Where is your focus – on your priorities or on your problems?

Choose one thought that makes you feel a little relief from your current feelings. It only takes one thought to raise you up a little. Then from there you can choose another thought that lifts you a little higher and so on until you have eventually climbed your way to a place where you can see things clearer and begin to take action to change your current circumstances. If choosing a thought that makes you feel better is hard to do then play the game of “what if”.

Ask yourself “what if this was different?”. What if your life started to change? What if your problems began to get solved? What if your body started healing itself? What if………….? You get the picture!

This will raise of emotional vibration enough to help you get out of your depressive state and reach for better feeling thoughts!

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