Three Irish Blessings!

“May the road rise to meet you”, and, “May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead”, and “Cead Mile Failte” (a hundred thousand welcomes), are three of my favourite Irish blessings!

We can really learn a lot from the Irish.

The Irish have a unique way of looking at life and they always try to see the bright side or the light at the end of every dark tunnel. Perhaps it is not surprising that they have this fun-loving view of the world and are always ready to see the humorous side of any situation. After hundreds of years of oppression, mistreatment and hardship the Irish needed some type of mechanism to survive and they found it through their life-loving attitude. They have become a beckon to the rest of the world. They are a textbook example of how to overcome adversity and see light and love in everything that is around you.

We too should look for this light in order to illuminate this fantastic journey of life. There’s no other journey like this. Each one of us are on this journey although we each are on separate, but connected, roads. Many of us are oblivious that this is just a journey and a game. Instead of enter this dazzling flow of life we enter a maze of confusion, pain and disappointment.

There are mornings when I wake up feeling fantastic. I feel pleasant and full of the lightness of being. One thing that helps me stay focused on this is a small plague by my bed that has inscribed the Irish blessings mentioned above. They remind me that every day is precious and so is this life that flows through me.

On mornings like today there’s no “maybe” about it. The energy in this body is flowing. It is fine and refined and there’s a sense of being sanctified.

This energy is pure love. The love of Self, life, the world and every living creature in it. More extraordinary still is that this love is an individual love. This personal love seems sometimes elusive but still it is within each one of us. The truly wonderful thing occurs when you know that you are love itself and that it is this love that exists in, between and as part of everything in existence and beyond. You are the eternal love that permeates creation and is creation itself.

I know I am loved all the time. Beyond even this “I am” is the knower of love all of the time. That still small voice that resides at the very core of my being is the love that fills existence. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of the living God”, Jesus told his disciples.

In order to fully embrace this love, that is our very being, we must climb the mountain of consciousness till we get a glance of the dazzling being every one of us is at heart. We are made in the image of God and God is “all love”.

The Irish are a very religious race. However, at their core I believe that they are much more deeply spiritual rather than just following the doctrines of any one Church. Religions teach us that God is love but still we enter a maze of confusion, doubt and fear. Fear is the opposite of love and it is merely an illusion.

We take these words to mind but they don’t become our heart felt knowing. Rather than know that God is love we prefer to believe in God as a man who sits on a heavenly cloud punishing the wicked and messing with the heads of the righteous!

We choose the description instead of the experience. The words, “God is Love” have real meaning when you know your own true nature – “Be still and know that I Am God”, Psalm 46:10.

To grasp that “God is Love” is to know that you are Love. Not that you are loving but that you are love itself. Only the necessary knowing that YOU ARE the Blessing and not asking for it from somewhere else can you truly live it.

Most of us are not prepared to take this leap yet at their very core the Irish, as a race, seem to embody this philosophy and understand that life is for living!

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