Think Right Now Review

Imagine Having Access to a Powerful Set of Audio CDs Which Effortlessly Program Your Brain for Wealth, Health, Success, Fulfilling Relationships & Happiness
While You Simply Relax & Do Nothing?
Think Right Now audios are not subliminal nor are they hypnotic yet the makers claim that by simply listening to them, in a relaxed state, you can effortlessly change any area of your life for the better!
According to the Think Right Now creator, Mike Brescia, these recordings are the most powerful way to create real lasting change in almost any area of life that you can think of!

So with Think Right Now making such bold claims we just had to test them!

The Power of The Brain

It has long been established in the self improvement arena that your thoughts have a huge impact on your life. Your thoughts literally shape your reality!

think_right_nowHow you think determines how you act, and how you act determines the results you get in life! That is a simple fact that I am sure you already know!

Now, you also know that your thoughts are regulated by your brain, but did you realise that scientists have likened the human brain to a powerful, sophisticated bio-computer? In fact this bio-computer that you carry around on top of your body, is more powerful than the most expensive computer hardware in the world!

If you put every computer in the world together they still wouldn’t have a fraction of the processing power of your brain!

Now when you have a piece of equipment like that it’s worth investing some time to learn how to use it!

How The Think Right Now Audios Work

Think Right Now produce audio programs with clearly heard affirmations. The Think Right Now audios are not hypnotic in nature. However, there is a short relaxation exercise at the beginning of each which is designed to place you into a more receptive state and guide the brain to produce Alpha brainwaves for accelerated assimilation of the affirmations.

wl-an1-gifgifThink Right Now advise customers to use their products while relaxing but say that change can still occur if their CDs are listened to ‘on the move’. So if you wish to use the Think Right Now audios while you work, drive or perform your daily activities just set you CD player to skip the relaxation exercise.

You can of course rip the audios to your computer as MP3 files and upload them to your MP3 player if you wish.

Think Right Now have a range of titles for specific self improvement in key areas of personal growth.

Think of a key area in your life you would like to change! Do you want more confidence?

Would you like to think and feel like a multi-millionaire (so act like one and get the same results that multi-millionaires do)?

Do you want to eliminate a bad habit like smoking?

Think Right Now Claim:
Whatever your goal is you can:
1.   Eliminate the negative programming that is stopping you from

2.   Install new thoughts, feelings and behaviours that reflect the
people who have already achieved the success that you
now want!

1.   Achieve any goal simply by listening to the correct audio

1.   Achieve any goal simply by listening to the correct audio

1.   Eliminate any bad habit.

1.   Achieve your desire in 30 days or less!

Think Right Now
You may be asking is it really possible to acquire the same emotional state and thought processes of the highly successful in just 30 days or less?
Well science has demonstrated that a habit can be formed or broken in 28 to 31 days. Neural pathways in the brain are usually formed through repetition. These neural pathways are the driving force of your habits, thoughts and automatic emotional responses. For instance if you smoke you have probably formed neural pathways between the thoughts of finishing a meal and having a smoke. After you have eaten these neural pathways, formed into schemas, fire in the brain and give you the automatic thoughts and cravings for a cigarette!

Neural pathways take about 30 days to form and become permanent. It also takes the same amount of time to sever these neural pathways.

So the claims made by Think Right Now that you can eliminate negative thought patterns and install new positive ones in 30 days or less is valid!

Now the only thing that remains is to determine whether the technology behind the Think Right Now programs actually works!


The Think Right Now Technology

The technology used to create them is based on research outlined in the book ‘Super Learning’ by Shelia Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder. In their book they sited cases where Baroque music, which is a specific type of classical music, had been used in conjunction with specific chosen statements to create profound and permanent change in the thinking processes of subjects.

The music is believed to create a harmony between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which allows for new neural pathways to develop more rapidly. There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that this kind of music does work in the way that Think Right Now claim.

The actual Think Right Now spoken statements are affirmations designed to remove negative programming and then install new positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. These Think Right Now affirmations are recited at specific beats per minute and are clearly heard over the low music.

There are several interesting subject areas covered including Accelerated Sales Success Now, Stop Smoking Now and Real Self Esteem Now. Their product list is small, offering only 11 titles, a computer program (to run subliminals on windows) and a Success Course.

The site has an impressive list of testimonials. So, we decided to put them to the test. Three products where tested. The subliminal computer program Think Right Now for Windows, Setting & Achieving Goals Now and Financial Abundance Now.


Think Right Now like all suppliers of good quality personal development products offer a money-back guarantee! However, with Think Right Now you get a full 6 months to try out their products! If you are not satisfied, for any reason, just return your audios at any time within the 6 month period for a full no-questions-asked refund!

Think Right Now say it may up to take up to 28 days to receive your order. However we placed an order to be delivered to the UK and found that it was shipped from the States the same day and arrived in the UK within 5 days. That was pretty impressive.

The computer program was very easy to use and gives the option of adding your own affirmations and also editing existing ones (which is just as well as we found one or two spelling mistakes!). The list of affirmations is huge and covers a wide variety of subjects. You are given the choice of listening to all of or just a selection of Baroque music or disabling the feature entirely. A plus was the email received after purchase giving all the affirmations on the tapes and CDs purchased so that we could cut & paste them into the software – a nice touch.

Even though the test subjects were frequent users of their computers the results were slow using this method. However, there was marked improvement in the areas chosen. Subjects claimed their thinking started to change and as a result they were experiencing positive results in their lives. This was confirmed with a basic psychological profiling method before and after exposure and also by observation of behavioural patterns. The change appeared to be easy and without incident.

When testing the tapes and CDs the results were somewhat different. Test subjects displayed changes in behaviour at an almost alarming rate. We found that it didn’t seem to matter whether the subject was relaxed or cleaning the house, while listening, the results seemed just as profound either way!

Using the CD program “Financial Abundance Now” subjects showed much more aptitude for handling their finances and actually began to investigate new ways for developing a financial plan.

The “Setting & Achieving Goals Now” CD was tested in a similar manner but with one addition. One subject only listened at night while sleeping. It would appear that this is the most effective method of employing these products for fast change as this reviewer became much more focused, goal-orientated and achieved some goals that she had been working on for years.

While listening to the CDs almost all subjects experienced a short period of disharmony as the new thinking patterns started to take hold. This averaged out at two days. It seems the method of using Baroque music combined with affirmations delivered three times each with a different emphasis causes such a sudden shift in behaviour that the subject is placed in an uncomfortable ‘zone’ for a short period – nothing dramatic just akin to mild feelings of frustration. This is normal as the subconscious mind tends to fight against new programming wanting to maintain the status-quo and keep you in your “comfort zone”!

In short…………Think Right Now programs work! They also offer a 6 month guarantee on all their products so you have nothing to lose. Get one now!

Think Right Now