The Way to Use Subconscious Mind Power to Affect Change in Your Life

The subconscious realm of your mind is more powerful that you could possibly know. Not only is it responsible for the running of your body, it is also responsible for the running of your life!

Right this minute your subconscious mind is regulating the amount of light that passes from the pixels on your computer screen and informing your brain to structure the light source into recognizable symbols and groups of symbols that you see as words. It then instantly translates those symbols into a meaningful coherent sentence and translates that into pictorial form so that you understand what is being said the instant you read it!

Meanwhile it is regulating your heart rate and pumping blood all over your body to oxygenate your cells and fed your muscles. If you have an itch one thought immediately forces the subconscious mind to manipulate your physical vehicle to lift your arm and scratch it while you continue to focus on the page.

All this happen without the slightest bit of effort on your part and it is only a miniscule fraction of what your subconscious mind does every nanosecond of every day!

No computer on earth can match the processing power of your brain and no computer system can match the power of your subconscious mind. This mind is a tool that is designed for your use. Mankind is built in such a way that he can learn a new skill and once proficient at it can leave it in the capable “hands” of the subconscious mind to perform while he does something else (think of driving and having a conversation at the same time).

The fact that the subconscious mind works on automatic and does not question what it does works to our advantage – most of the time! However, sometimes this can be a curse! When this great power works for our advantage we are reap the rewards but when it works against us we suffer the consequences!

Within your subconscious mind is the blueprint of your body and bodily health. When this blueprint is untainted and left alone the body runs smoothly. However, when the working of the subconscious mind is interfered with and the blueprint changed, even slightly, our body ceases to be perfect and develops problems.

Your life is exactly the same. The subconscious mind is responsible for your automatic thoughts and behaviours. About 95% of all your thoughts and feelings are automatic. Now, as your thoughts and feelings are the driving force of your actions this means that about 95% of your actions are automatic! You are living on autopilot!

As the results you get from life are a direct result of the actions you take and your actions are automatic you are living your life by default! Almost everything that happens to you is automatically generated. This is not how life for Mankind was originally planned!

How do I know?

Because the subconscious mind is totally under your CONTROL!!!

Remember, the subconscious mind does not analyse nor judge. It merely carries out orders like a computer! It will follow whatever instructions are given to it and work from whatever plans it holds.

So if your life is not working, in the ways you want it to, then you have subconscious blueprints that need changed!

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