The Truth Behind Binaural Beats!

Did you know that you change your life when you change the state of your brain? The brain is responsible for not only running your body but also regulating your actions and reactions. Well know that our actions are the driving force behind the results we get in life. So change your actions and you will change the results you get – change your brain and you change your actions! How do you change your brain? It’ simple! You use brain entrainment to alter your brainwaves and thus your brainwave state. By doing this you also alter the way in which your brain works forcing both hemispheres to work in harmony and reorganize who you think, feel, act and react to life!

So what is brain entrainment? Well brain entrainment just refers to any outside stimuli that can be employed to switch your brainwave patterns. When your brainwave patterns change so does your mood, you automatic thought process and your body!

Research has demonstrated that all physical states have corresponding brainwave states associated with them. This indicates that hysteria, stress, emotional trouble or any quantity of negative psychological and physical states have certain brainwave patterns related to them. By trying binaural beats you can alleviate the indications of these states and even remove them by changing the brainwave pattern related to them.

In a similar manner, positive states such as deep relaxation, sleep, quietness of mind and body, creativeness, and any number of others, also have certain brainwave patterns associated with them. These states are extremely easy to create, on demand, simply by using binaural beats.

There is a lot of empirical evidence that endorses certain brainwave frequencies for creating increased creativity, better retention and recall of information and the removal of emotional disharmony and the negative emotional state that accompanies unpleasant memories.

There are folk who have known this for millennia and who have practised their own techniques for encouraging these brainwave patterns and thus gaining all the mental, emotional and physical benefits mentioned above (plus a few more).

Before binaural beats were invented the only other way to form such changes in your brainwave frequencies and elicit brain entrainment was through ancient forms of hypnosis and extremely deep states of meditation. These types of deep states are generally only accessible to folks who have practised the ancient techniques for 20 years or more. An example would be Zen Monks who practice transcendental meditation for many hours every day of their lives over a lifetime!

Now though, we may have access to these states simply through scientific methods of brain entrainment.

Using binaural beats permits anybody to enter deep meditative states inside mere minutes. To access such states you need some stereo headphones, a CD or MP3 player and a well selected brain entrainment track which usually comes in the form of a binaural beats recording.

The History

It was Heinrich Wilhelm who first discovered binaural beats way back in 1839. As an Associate Professor, at the University of Berlin, he discovered that when he played one sound into the right ear and a similar sound (that was only slightly different in frequency) to the left ear, the brain produced a beat effect. Though no beat exists the brain translates the difference between the frequencies of the 2 sounds and creates the illusion that there is a beat present (you can clearly hear it even though it doesn’t exist).

This was a great discovery but merely a scientific curiosity until the publication, in 1973, of a paper titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain”. This report revealed the conclusions of Dr. Gerald Oster who researched the usages of binaural beats.

The report showed how Gerald Oster expanded on Dove’s discovery. Oster discovered that through the use of binaural beats he could change a subject’s brainwaves to match the beat. Oster had found that by employing these beats he could create exact psychological and physical states.

Later research has concluded that Binaural Beats may be employed as a strategy for deep meditation which brings all the same physical, emotional and mental benefits that conventional meditation does. This suggests that as well as using them to form relaxation, deep sleep, quietness of mind and body, creativeness etc, that it may also be employed as a means for private, emotional and psychological expansion.

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