The Truth About Subliminal Messages & Their Ability to Create Change

What are subliminal messages and what is there such controversy around their use? Subliminal messages are messages that are masked behind music, images or other media to hide them from the conscious mind. They are then picked-up directly by your powerful, but highly impressionable subconscious mind, where they are rapidly absorbed, assimilated and used to create new beliefs and behaviours that can dramatically change your life.

So how can you use subliminal messages to change your life?

Subliminal messages act as commands for your mind because they are sent in such a way that they bypass the critical functions of your conscious mind. In most situations it is your conscious mind that determines whether something should be passed to the subconscious mind or not through its reasoning faculties.

Therefore, by bypassing this critical, analytical function of the conscious mind, with subliminal messages, you can directly program the subconscious mind with anything you want.

Subliminal messages are typically delivered as extremely quick flashes of text or via masked voices on subliminal CDs or MP3. As the conscious mind is busy doing other things and is focused on other tasks these commands go unnoticed, or are only barely noticed but not comprehended. However, your powerful subconscious notices and registers everything!

Subliminal messaging are based on an entirely safe technology that has been used for decades to create real, lasting changes and benefits in hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people.

It is a perfect personal development tool for anyone who does not have the time, or inclination, to use hypnosis, practise meditation or dedicate themselves to 30 minute daily visualization exercises.

Repetition is the key to getting good results from subliminal messages. The usual time period for receiving positive, and permanent, results is about 30 days. However, because subliminal messages require no effort on your part a 30 day subliminal plan is easy to follow; you just listen to your subliminal messages everyday while doing other things.

For this reason visual subliminal messages flashed on your computer screen have become very popular. You just choose your subliminal messages hit start and set the program to run every time you boot-up your computer. Then you can forget about it and allow the messages to effortlessly seep into your mind at the every deepest level. What could be simpler than that?

Today, subliminal messages are a very is a popular method for self improvement wit a vast array of titles covering everything from the usual, like gaining more confidence, to the downright bizarre. Personal development gurus and celebrities have realized the vast potential that subliminal messages have for reprogramming the mind with famous people such as Anthony Robbins, Tiger Woods and Derren Brown actively promoting their use and effectiveness.

Although there has been a debate raging about their effectiveness for decades they remain extremely popular with mounting evidence to suggest they are one of the easiest and most powerful ways to influence the mind!

In fact in November 2005, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology stated that subliminal priming positively affected after scientific studies concluded that they do affect the brain!

This was later confirmed in March 2007, at the University College, London, when researchers showed that subliminal messages definitely affect the brain!

Would you like to take advantage of this simple, yet powerful, technology to positively change any area of your life? Then check out Subliminal Power and subliminal software and see how you can use your personal computer to program your mind for success, happiness and even the fulfilment of your goals!

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