The True Source of Riches!

Use your imagination and your ability to dream and imagine what you want in life. Don’t think “That’s impossible; it can’t be done.” Think in possibilities. Rather than thinking of just one thing you could have that would satisfy you, think of many things. Instead of imagining only one desirable outcome, ask yourself, “What is the best possible outcome that can occur?”

After you have imagined the best possible outcome, push yourself to imagine an even better one. Every time you find yourself imagining something, see if you can expand or fine-tune the picture. Think big! Ask for more than you think you can have. Expand your imagination, enlarge your pictures, and play with new ideas. See if you can go beyond the boundaries you have set for what you think you can have. Unlimited thinking is more than thinking big; it is thinking creatively. It is allowing yourself to imagine having all that you might have.

Be open to pleasant surprises. Trust that you will receive whatever is perfect for you to have. Generate excitement about having what you want. Make it so real in your imagination that you can almost touch it, see it, or feel the feelings you will have when it comes to you.

Think of it frequently and with intensity, and also be willing to detach and let it come in whatever way is best. When you have a clear intention to have something, you generate energy that is focused like a laser beam to go out and get what you want. If you intend to have something, you will.

Your imagination is your most powerful energy creating tool. When using your imagination there are no rules other than being as inventive as you can. You use your ability to visualize all the time.

You make pictures in your mind prior to creating anything. As you pretend that you already have something, you begin to harmonize with it and bring the feeling of having it into your present reality. This feeling begins to draw it to you. The feeling is what energizes the thought.

You are the source of your abundance and money. Through working with your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, you can become a master at creating whatever you want.

The True Source of Riches, not your job, your investments, your possessions, etc. Your thoughts set up the model of what is to be created, and your emotions energize your thoughts and propel them from your inner world to your outer world. What are you thinking about today? I invite you to make those thoughts big, and expansive. Begin right now to open your mind to greater possibilities.

About The Author
Daniel MacDougall is a writer, speaker, and artist. He and partner Marie, make their living online teaching people how to manifest their dreams. Go to attracting wealth and learn more about how you can have all the wealth and abundance you desire in life. Free newsletter available.

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