The Sound of Silence!

Have you ever wondered what you are and why you are here? These questions echo within all of us. Sometimes the questions are fleeting and only arise when we have time to contemplate the complexities of life. Other times these questions gnaw at our consciousness and act like splinters in the mind.

However, you experience the questioning of your existence does not matter. The fact that you experience does!

The Bible tells us to “be still and know that I am God”. Why do we need to be still in order to know God? I believe the answer is simple and is in fact given in almost every spiritual text on the planet!

Within each and every one of us lies the essence of the Creator himself. God dwells within you and me and the rest of the human race. Your very consciousness is the driving force of your existence; it is the life-force that illuminates the mind and animates the body.

Your consciousness is the divine spark with you. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God” we are told in 1 Corinthians 3:16. What does this mean? Well a temple is something that is used as a vessel or container for something Holy. We are told that ancient temples were the places in which the Gods spoke to Man. Modern temples are Churches and Synagogues were God is said to reside and were we can get closer to him.

If we are temples of God then this means God must reside in us!

In Acts 17:28 we are also told ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ This means God is all around us because we live in him and move through him. However, very often the last piece of this statement is totally ignored – we also have our being in him. Which means our “beingness”, or consciousness, is part of God!

So, how we can become aware of this source of all things and get “in tune” with the Creator? We do it by connecting to our consciousness – which is the essence of God. However, we can never do that while we are identifying with our “story”; only when you release the ego and stop identifying with the person you think you are can you become aware of the pureness and peace of consciousness.

When you are still and quiet and just allow your thoughts and feelings to float through your mind like clouds in the sky you get a glimpse of this pure conscious being that connects us all.

By being still you can experience the peace that was given to you and that is yours to claim. This peace and harmony is always with you, residing in you and working through you. Only when you identify with your body/mind and all the problems, desires, frustrations and emotions that go with it do you cut off your realisation of this.

If you were to quiet your mind and body for just on second and stop all your feelings and thoughts you would witness this omnipotent power within you and you would realise that nothing is impossible for you and that this existence is but an illusion of a fake fleeting moment in the ever-present.

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