The Sedona Method Can Help

The Sedona Method is a technique that works to eliminate unwanted feelings and thus free your mind of unwanted negativity.

Whether you realise it or not your feelings regulate your thoughts and, as we all know in the self improvement world, your thoughts create your reality!

Think about it. If you’re feeling great, then you get great results. If you feel bad, then you usually get bad results. Your state can often determine the outcome of your actions. Have you ever said “I just knew that was going to happen”? Your feelings always define how you operate in the environment. If you do not change your negative feelings then you’re going to continue to act as you have always acted, and you will continue to get the results you have always gotten.

It is our subconscious limiting feelings that hinder us from creating or drawing to us the things, people and events that we consciously desire. We surrender our decision making capability to the power of our emotions. We even imagine that our feelings can dictate to us who we are meant to be. You can see this clearly when people refer to themselves as being an emotion or being in an emotional state. For example have you ever announced to somebody, “I’m angry,” or, “I’m sad”?

When we talk in this manner we are actually exclaiming to those around us and to ourselves, usually without realizing it, that we are our emotions. We relate to others and ourselves as if we are our feelings. Really, we even invent full stories of why we feel how we feel in order to explain this misperception of our identity.

It isn’t that feelings don’t occasionally seem to be justified. It’s just that feelings are only feelings – they are not us! We can feel feelings but we should not identify with them!

These feelings are not who we are but they do drive how we think. However, although it is extremely difficult to control our thinking it is extremely easy to let-go of our feelings and thus free ourselves of our negative thoughts.

Unfortunately when we react from an emotional place to things that are happening around us we are really reacting to something that happened in the past. The trapped emotional energy from a past negative experience is thus driving our thinking and our behaviour. By selecting to release those unwanted emotions you free the mind to perceive what’s essentially here, and to act, or desist from acting, suitably depending on the CURRENT situation.

If you have tried psychological methods, you know that it is awfully tough to make a change. It requires a massive amount of energy and mental focus to make any head-way at all. Sometimes it can take years just to deal effectively with only one issue!

However, the Sedona Method allows you to release these issues in a matter of minutes and even long standing issues that you have been battling with for decades can be “released” in just a few hours! Miracles have happened when people have tried this technique – and that is NOT an over-dramatic representation!

“Letting-go”, or “releasing”, operates on a feeling level not a mental one. It’s straightforward to learn and incredibly easy to do because it is a skill we are all born with!. You can “let go” of years of psychological programs and amassed feelings in just seconds using these unique self improvement tools. There are no complicated processes, reprogramming of the subconscious mind or affirmations to chant. You simply feel the feeling and then let it go – all in a matter of seconds!

Do you want to free yourself of your limited beliefs and unwanted feelings once and for all? Do you want to access the innate power to create the life you want within minutes? The go to Sedona Method and read the review of the tests carried out using the technique. You will also be interested in the Release Technique which is also a course on Releasing offered by Larry Crane.

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