The Secrets of Success!

We all know that people who start with the same backgrounds and equal opportunities do not always end up being as successful as one and other. Why is this? Why is it that two people with the same advantages and equal disadvantages do not always end up in the same place?

Have you ever wondered how somebody can start with all the disadvantages in life, yet achieve success that surpasses those who start with all the advantages?

Have you ever wondered how certain people, who are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, triumph in the face of adversity to achieve success? Have you ever contemplated how self-made billionaires can lose their fortunes, sometimes more than once, just to rebuild it again while most others struggle to pay their household bills?

The only difference between a successful person and one who constantly encounters failure is attitude! Attitude can be condensed into a set of beliefs or mental thought patterns that drive a person to success. Below are the characteristics you must develop to mirror the main driving forces of an attitude of success:

1. Remove Negative Thoughts!

A positive person will always experience life in a more fulfilling way than a negative person. By looking for the positive in every situation and directing yoru attention to how you can benefit, even from bad experiences, you start to enjoy life more.

However, by remaining positive you also tend to attract more positive things into your life. Whatever you hold in mind tends to manifest in the world. Therefore viewing people, situations, events and life experiences in a more positive way and expecting a positive outcome in all your undertakings creates more positive people, situations, events, experiences and outcomes in your life!

The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person, as far as positive thinking goes, is that they do not just wish or hope for success – they expect it!

They are not traditional positive thinkers however! They work to root out their negative thoughts also. A successful person knows that just “thinking positively” does not work. They actively seek out their negative subconscious programs and eradicate them. To learn more about this visit The Sedona Method

2. Look for the solution not the problem!

Unsuccessful people tend to always look at their problems. Successful people on the other hand view their problems and then start to look for the solutions!

Bitching about the things that are wrong in your life will get you nothing (except more things to bitch about). When you see a problem, change your attitude towards it and view it instead as a challenge. Then look for the solutions.

Instead of saying, “oh not again”, or “why does this always happen to me?”, ask yourself “ok how can I learn from this?” and “what do I need to do to successful finish this task?”. Look for the solution and take your eyes off the problem!

3. Start to think BIG!

Successful people think big. Unsuccessful people think small because they believe thinking big is a waste of mental energy and they are afraid that others will consider them “dreamers”. Successful people are dreamers but they are practical dreamers; they work to make their dream a reality!

4. Be ambitious!

When you intend to succeed and fully expect to get to your destination no matter what life throws at you, you will succeed. Successful people are ambitious and they work to make their ambitions real.

Set yourself goals that stretch you and that are attainable if you do the necessary work to reach them!
5. Take action!

Successful people take action. Taking action is the main thing that separates people who want success from people who have it. Dreaming is not enough; you must become a practical dreamer that actively works towards their goals.

6. Persistence!

When persistence is combined with action there is little that you cannot achieve. This trait and the one above are by far the two main things that separate ordinary people from high-achievers. If you wish to be successful you must be willing to persevere – even in the company of great obstacles.

Develop the above traits of character and you will develop an attitude of success. Then there will be nothing you cannot achieve!

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