The Secret DVD

the-secret-keyThe Secret is a DVD presentation from Australian, Rhonda Byrne, that delves into a Universal Law that can be used to create, wealth, love, joy and health – in fact it can be used to attract to you anything you desire! The makers of this DVD presentation say it has been kept secret for thousands of years!

Rhonda Byrne first discovered The Secret when she was given the Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich, by her daughter. She immediately began to turn her life around from despair and hardship to love, wealth and joy.

Rhonda then decided to investigate the great secret of life she had discovered and uncovered some startling truths. Firstly, the secret has always been in the hands of a small group of people whom selfishly guarded it, banned it and suppressed it so that they could retain all the power! The secret has been known for thousands of years and maybe longer.

The Secret

So, you may ask, what is the secret?

“The Secret” is an unbending law of the Universe that always works and never fails! It is also known as the Law of Attraction.

The “Law of Attraction” states that you get more of what you focus on. It says that you actually attract everything you have, every person you meet and every circumstance you encounter, into your life. You attract people, objects, circumstances, situations, experiences, wealth or poverty, health or sickness and abundance or lack – and you attract them by virtue of the thoughts you are holding in your consciousness! This law is always active and the secret shows you that it is not beyond your control!

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction before (its not such a big secret after all!)but I doubt you will have seen it presented in such a concise and dramatic manner as The Secret offers.

The important role that your emotions play is covered in The Secret and this aspect of the Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation is too often overlooked by other teachers of the subject. You will therefore understand how to utilize this powerful law after the first viewing!

TheSecretThe documentary is presented in a similar style to the DVD “What the Bleep Do We Know” but does not go into as much scientific detail. However, the approach The Secret takes is much more practical and you can come away after watching it and start to use the Law of Attraction to change your life immediately.

The basic format of the film involves explanations of the secret, or law of attraction, by famous personal development teachers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Among the many teachers presented on The Secret are, Bob Doyle, James Arthur Ray, Bob Proctor,Mike Dooley, Jack Canfield (“chicken soup for the soul” author), Hale Dwoskin (creator of The Sedona Method) and John F. Demartini – to name but a few.

The Secret SGR Program

As The Secret was based on the excellent Wattle Wallace book “The Science of Getting Rich” it is not surprising that some of the teachers featured in The Secret have expanded on those teachings to bring you a workable way of using the information it contains.

The Science of Getting Rich Program, or SGR for short, is a course designed to help you get rich using proven methods based on Wattle Wallace’s original manuscript that were given in The Secret.

It is designed to teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to reach your financial, and other, goals.

Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield expertly teach you how to use this powerful law to attract anything you want in life.


secret-finances“The Secret has passed throughout the Ages, travelling through Centuries….to reach YOU!” – The Secret trailer.

Truly The Secret is the best introductory work on the Law of Attraction that I have ever seen, read or heard. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran of personal development this DVD is highly entertaining and revisits some fundamental universal truths.

unfortunately though, The Secret is not a method for using the law of attraction nor does it give you one. It is just an introduction to this law.

If you want to get the law of attraction working in your life you have two options:

1. The amazing Wealth Beyond Reason course, by The Secret teacher Bob Doyle. But there is enough information in this DVD to allow you to turn your entire life around.

2. The SGR Program taught by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith is outstanding. This is the road to financial freedom.

If you are interested in learning how to use the law of attraction to attract physical things to you then we highly recommend you get one of the above two courses.

For those with an interest in more general uses of the law then the Wealth Beyond reason program may suit you better. If you wish to use this powerful law to attract more money then we advise you to get The SGR Program.

The Secret SGR Program