The Reactive Mind!

Most of us believe that we have a free choice in our actions. Free will is something that the vast majority of people on Earth consider a gift from God. Freedom to be, do or have whatever we choose is also a right that we protect at any cost. But just how free are we? How much free will do we really exert in the world?

The truth is simple; we have very little freedom and almost no free will! We relinquish our freedom and our free will to our automatic behaviours and allow ourselves to be fooled into believing in half-truths and down-right lies!

It amazes me just how easily human beings (myself included) allow the ego sense of our identities to rule over us.

We “buy into” beliefs and program them into the subconscious mind which then runs our thoughts and behaviours according to those beliefs.

We react to life rather than respond to it!

You see your actions are determined by your thoughts and your thoughts are driven by your emotions. These feeling/thought patterns are responsible for all your automatic behaviours. How you have chosen to perceive your world, your place in it and the place of others causes you to react to your immediate environment in predictable and often damaging ways.

However, it has been shown in many clinical trials, and by life experiences, that what you perceive and think to be the truth is, in many cases, not the truth at all!

This reactive living pattern is a direct result of how the mind works. We use past experiences to program in automatic behaviours and beliefs into the subconscious mind to make life easier to live. After all life is complicated enough without having to work out how to drive your car every time you get behind the wheel.

Unfortunately though, that although this is a very advantageous aspect of how the mind and body work it has many disadvantages also.

Just as we program in the positive, protective beliefs, such as touching fire will burn your skin, we also program in many false beliefs. Almost every belief we have is designed to keep us safe. Therefore, these beliefs very heavily influence our actions. When we have a false belief that is designed to protect us very often following that belief leads to frustration and disappointment in life.

For example not talking to strangers is a great belief to instil in a child but holding onto that belief as an adult would be damaging to your social, work and academic growth! Yet this is what we do at a subconscious level with outdated beliefs all the time; we hold onto beliefs and patterns of thought that no longer serve us and even hinder our progress towards the things in life that we want.

Without doubt it is time to stop being reactive to life, based on outdated and damaging subconscious beliefs, and to start responding from a place of power.

To do this you must uncover your inner beliefs and eliminate those that no longer serve you.

Would you like to change your beliefs from those you have now, that have kept your life the way it is, and accept the beliefs of the world’s greatest and successful people? Then visit Release Technique to find out how!

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