The Power of Questions!

Are you currently living the life that you have always wanted to live? Have you fulfilled all your dreams and achieved all your goals? Do you wake every day overjoyed to be alive and eager to embrace the challenges that a new day brings? If not, why not?

Although the next statement may seem a little strange to you it is nevertheless true. The reason you are not living your dream life is because of the questions you ask yourself!

I know that sounds like a crazy thing to say so let me explain how this is a simple, yet profound, truth.

Everyone who has an interest in personal development, self improvement or goal-setting has, at one time or another, discovered the truth that thoughts create reality. Whether you realise how much thought affects the world around you or just understand it from a basic psychological point of view doesn’t really matter because we all agree that thought guides our actions and our actions guide our results.

Therefore how you think literally affects how you live your life and in fact determines the type of lifestyle that you are currently living.

I’m sure that you agree that if you could think like Bill Gates you would be living a similar life to him and if you thought like Charles Manson you would probably be in jail!

You see, how we think determines how we act. When we act in specific ways we tend to get specific outcomes. Think of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has gone broke several times yet he always regains his immense wealth. He is able to do this because of the way he thinks. His thoughts are those of a billionaire and therefore regardless of his actual earnings or bank account balance his thoughts always reflect those of a billionaire.

When Donald Trump has lost his money in the past his thoughts guided his actions so that he got results that brought him more money!

You can think anyway you want and therefore get any results you want and it is as easy as asking yourself the correct questions.

When Trump went broke do you think he asked himself “Why me?” or “How did this happen” or “how did I lose all my money”?

No he didn’t!

Trump asked himself “How can I make a billion dollars again?”

Like all great achievers and successful people Trump focused on questions that reinforced his belief that he would succeed and forced his mind to search for ways to make that happen. He did not focus on questions that made his mind come-up with excuses!

If you have a problem and you ask yourself negative questions that reinforce the situation, such as “why did this happen to me”, your mind will give you a multitude of answers that spiral you in a downward thought process that leads you towards more misery and actions that bring you negative results.

However, when you ask questions that reinforce a positive solution to the problem, such as “how can I solve this situation quickly and easily”, you force your mind to search for ways to do just that.

So, from now on question how you question yourself!

Start using life-affirming questions and you will be amazed at the positive things that start happening in your life as you stay focused ion solutions rather than problems! Be sure to claim your free meditation MP3 by signing-up for our free newsletter at newsletter

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