The Power of Gratitude!

Gratitude is not some mushy feeling. It is a powerful way of conditioning your subconscious mind for success. So many people focus on what they don’t have and in this way further program their subconscious minds with the idea and feeling of lack and loss and guess what? That’s exactly what they keep on enhancing in their life’s experiences. In time it turns into a habit of expecting lack, loss. Some people then embark on a journey of looking for further proofs that life is a dreadful thing, filled with meaningless struggle, so they abandon all effort to make something out of it and begin acting in a way that actually invites more losses and dismal experiences. Then they wonder why they feel depressed.
While gratitude does include saying “thank you” to others, it really begins within, by appreciating things, people and circumstances we may have taken for granted – even if all we have is the air that we breathe, food, clothing, shelter. Perhaps you can think of some things that have been beneficial to you and which you might have taken for granted.

The next step, more challenging for most people, is feeling gratitude for dismal experiences in our lives, for those people and situations in our lives that brought us even some pain and discomfort. Suffering may be considered useful or useless.

Useless suffering is when we’ve gone through the experience and haven’t learned anything from it. Useful suffering is when we’ve gone through the unpleasant experience but have gained some valuable lessons. Perhaps the unpleasant experiences have helped us to develop some skills and abilities we didn’t feel motivated to develop before. Perhaps the unpleasant experiences have pushed us to the point where, unaware of any other choice to stop the suffering, we finally discovered incredible resources within ourselves, powers that were lying dormant and untapped. Perhaps now that we have learned how to move from the state of powerlessness and embrace the power within, we are better equipped to help others who are facing challenges we once faced – because now we know the way out and may offer others a helping hand. So, think now about some experiences you had in your life that you’d prefer you didn’t have to go through and consider what have you learned from those experiences, and how have they actually enriched your life. The benefit of this new perspective is that once you’ve learned what you needed to learn from your experiences, you will not have to go through them again – you’ll set them free, so to speak, and will be able to move on. You will also feel lighter, happier and will open the space in your life for more wonderful things to come your way.

Then, go one step further and think of those things you’d like to have in your life – feel how you would feel having them right now and express gratitude for them as if you already have them. Gratitude is the fastest way to draw those experiences into your life. When you feel gratitude for something, you acknowledge that you have already received it, you program this desirable experience as your reality into your subconscious mind, you expect it to happen, you begin looking for proofs that it is a part of your life, you begin acting as if this is true for you now and you begin to experience what may be nothing short of miracles.

Remember that your subconscious mind gets programmed by what you FEEL to be REAL for you NOW! When you express gratitude for something you’d like to experience as if you already have it now, you acknowledge that this desired experience is REAL for YOU now, you CLAIM it as YOUR OWN and you open the way for it to come into your life!

Dr. Laura De Giorgio is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. She has created hundreds of hypnosis recordings. She also publishes a free inspiring hypnosis newsletter designed to help you learn how to use your mind power successfully. You can subscribe to free Deep Trance Now newsletter and access many free hypnosis downloads at deep trance.

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