The Power of Concentration!

Have you ever stop to think what an important part your thoughts play in your life?

Now, I am not talking about fleeting thoughts or ones that are nebulous in nature. I am referring to the power of concentrated, focused thought. Do you realise just how powerful and life-transforming these thoughts are?

Human civilization is a perfect example of the power of focused thinking. Our whole world, with all its technological wonders, giant structures and faster than sound flying machines shows just how powerful concentrated thought can be.

Without exception every great invention has been the product of focused thought! Even those that have been accidental have been the direct result of a focused mind concentrated on a specific subject!

Think about your own life. Even the mundane everyday tasks that you do so easily once took concentration and focus to perfect. Even talking and walking, which you now do without thinking at all, once required tremendous focus and concentration to master!

The difference between geniuses and ordinary people lies only in their ability to focus their thoughts. Edison, who took 10,000 attempts before inventing the light bulb, said that, “success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” He was referring to persistence and focused thought!

In order to achieve anything worthwhile in life you must learn to focus your thoughts and concentrate your efforts in a persistent manner to the exclusion of all other things.

This does not mean exclusion all other things in your life. It merely means being totally focused on what you what and using concentrated effort to get it. When you are engaged in thoughts of your goal you must be single-minded and allow no other thoughts to enter your mind.

When you are engaged in actions that will determine the success or failure of your efforts you must remain concentrated on the job at hand. Too many people are doing one thing while they are thinking of something else. Focus and concentration separate the geniuses from the mediocre!

There are even more important reasons to focus your thoughts from a metaphysical point of view; focused thoughts create reality! When you focus your thoughts, to the exclusion of everything else, on something that you want powerful forces are set in motion that immediately start the manifestation of your desire.

The type of focused thought s you need must centre on the end result. When you think about the means by which your desire will come to you, you start to scatter the energy of your thought – you introduce doubt!

It is said that just one focused thought is enough to instantly manifest anything! However, most of us are not at the spiritually evolved state to be able to perform such feats some people alive and long since dead have been able to do such things!

All of us though can focus our thoughts for long enough and with such intensity that we can achieve any goal we set for ourselves. With concentrated thought and diligent action there is nothing that you cannot achieve!

So, start to focus your thoughts and watch as your world begins to change!

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