The Power of Binaural Sounds!

Would you be interested in obtaining a technology that gives you instant access to the deepest and most creative parts of your mind? Would you find it easy to use if all you had to do was wear a set of stereo headphones in order to enter altered states of consciousness that are so profound they can literally change all areas of your life for the better?

If you are interested in changing your life for the better and have been unable to achieve your goals previously then you may well be very interested in the technology behind binaural beats!

Binaural beats are very specific sounds that are created in the brain through a neat and unique technology. These sounds are designed to create amazing brainwave changes in your brain. Through the power of binaural sounds it is now possible to evoke profound mental and emotional change in yourself which in turn leads to physical changes in your body!

In fact, if used correctly, binaural beats can even help you achieve any goal you can think of!

The most popular, and well known, uses for binaural sounds center on sleep disorders and mental issues. A professionally produced binaural beats recording can create the correct brainwaves in the listener that induce extremely deep relaxing, and revitalizing, sleep. Specific recordings have also been used to combat depression and a multitude of other mental “problems”.

However, the uses for binaural beats are much more wide ranging than most people realise. They can be used to help you create more creative ideas, heighted your focus and ability to concentration, raise your levels of energy in the mind and body and also encourage faster healing times after injury.

As a self improvement tool they are also invaluable, helping you to visualize better, improve your memory, instil new beliefs or program a goal into your powerful subconscious mind. For self inquiry, and just to have some fun, you can also use specific binaural beats recordings to induce problem-solving, or even lucid, dreams.

The science behind binaural beats is relatively simple. They were initially discovered in the 1800s by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, an associate professor at the Berlin University. Dove discovered that if he applied one tone to the left ear and a similar tone, which was only slightly in frequency, to the other ear a beating effect was created in the brain. These beats do not exist and are a direct result of how the brain functions. Although you hear the beat type effect clearly it disappears if you remove either earpiece because the beats do not actually exist – they are an illusion created by the brain itself!

Although this was a great discovery the true power of these binaural sounds eluded Dove and it wasn’t until in the 1970s that science began to realize the great potential binaural sounds had.

It was Gerald Oster who discovered that in the presence of these binaural sounds, the listener will relax and let his/her mind go of all conscious awareness leading to altered states of consciousness.

In his studies Oster also found that the mind will naturally synchronize with the binaural beat frequency being “heard”. He therefore discovered it is possible to tune the human brain waves of the listener to specific frequencies that he had deliberately chosen.

This becomes most interesting because science has already detected which brain wave frequencies correspond to specific mental, emotional and physical states!

By using specific binaural sounds, also known as binaural beats it is possible to create brain waves from the four brain wave bands: i.e., Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. These bands have very specific attributes and by using binaural sounds to entrain the brain to enter these states it is possible to create some amazing mental, emotional and physical experiences.

For example using binaural sounds to enter the Delta band can create deep restful and energising sleep. Using binaural sounds to enter Theta can cause an increase in creativity, intuition, and even cause lucid dreams. Using binaural sounds to enter the Beta brainwave range can create energy boosts for mind and body and heightened physical responsiveness and stamina.

By far the most common use of binaural sounds is to enter the Alpha state. In this state you are awake but very relaxed. Alpha allows you to become more focused and open to new mental and emotional programming. For this reason many self improvement audios such as subliminal recordings and hypnosis sessions make use of binaural sounds that guide the listener into deep Alpha states.

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