The Power of Binaural Beats

by Michael McGrath

What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are separate sounds recorded in a special way. Binaural beats alter the frequencies associated with the brainwaves of the listener automatically. Through a method that has been named brain entrainment, binaural beats can change the mental and physical state of the person listening.

Studies collaborated that there are brain patterns, which can be easily created with binaural beats, which create heightened relaxation. These relaxed states are more conducive to learning and retaining new data, promoting a very relaxed healing sleep and better creative ideas – to mention only a few.

Until the adaptation of binaural beats programs, the only method to induce deliberate changes in your brain’s wave frequencies was by practising deep meditation. For thousands of years this specialized learning of meditation has only been possible for practitioners of meditation with over twenty years experience, such as Zen Buddhist Monks, although it can be done now with binaural beats.

When you listen to binaural beats it is now possible for every person to enter deep meditative states in minutes only by using good headphones and a specifically recorded pre-made binaural beats recording.

Although the science that goes into brain entrainment through binaural beats is too complicated to explore the innate hypothesis is easy to get to grips with.

The concept of binaural beats was discovered by an Associate Professor at the University of Berlin in 1839 called Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Dove found that when two similar sounds, which have slightly different frequencies, are presented separately to right and left ear (Binaural) they will create a pulsation or beat to be present in the brain – binaural beats.

In 1973 Scientific American published the research paper by Dr. Gerald Oster titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain” that highlighted the use of binaural beats. This report showed how Dr. Oster used Wilhelm Dove’s discovery and through research found that through the use of these binaural beats he was able to alter the brain processes of the person listening to match the internal beat created by the binaural beats.

When this happened the brainwaves of the listener would always resonate with the frequency of the binaural beats. Thus Oster learned that through the technology of binaural beats he could alter the brain’s patterns of the listener and encourage specific cerebral states.

For us the use of binaural beats would just be another scientific discovery which has no impact or bearing ona person’s life or everyday activities were in not because this technology can be used in a very practical way. At almost all times the results you want to achieve in a physical sense are affected by the state your brainwaves are in at that time. Everything you undertake has a main brainwave pattern connected with it.

When you are very relaxed, when asleep, your brain has a specific frequency associated with it and displays specific patterns such as Theta waves. When you become alert and intensely concentrating your brain is engaged in Beta or even Gamma patterns. These frequencies are easy to induce by utilizing binaural beats.

At those times when you create a state of focused relaxation such as engrossed in TV, imagining or while under the influence of hypnosis, you find yourself in the Alpha state. This is also the state that is entered into with most forms of meditation. However very experienced meditaters, like an experienced Zen Buddhist Monk, easily enter Theta and Delta states while being able to stay highly aware. You can also achieve this with binaural beats!

Such states, that would normally take more than twenty years to master through the daily practise of meditation, can be created within a very short time by using binaural beats.

“This all sounds great”, you may say but how does it affect me? It’s possible to induce meditative states at will using recordings? How is this of benefit to you and me? Well to answer that question we need to study at the reasons for creating a meditative state and thus binaural beats.

Some of the benefits and meditation or binaural beats include:

1. Better relaxation.
2. More profound more restful and energizing sleep.
3. Better creative ability.
4. A slower aging rate.
5. Releasing of past negative emotional memories.
6. Less Stress.
7. Heightened physical energy.
8. Better ability with concentration and focus.
9. Higher remembering of learned information.
10. Quicker recovery and healings times after injury.

This list is a small sample of the rewards for using meditation and binaural beats. This list is certainly not complete.

It is evident then that the benefits of having a technology, that can create beneficial brain states that lead to profound alterations in mind/body connections, is very advantageous. We are very blessed that in our times we readily have access to various forms of this technology from Holosync and Brain Entrainment, designed for major self improvement, to individual Binaural beats recordings created to induce specific states in mind and body.

The experiments carried out into binaural beats and their effect indicates that this technology produces results and can be utilized very successfully by any person. I have offered some other resources that I have found for further study.

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